Top Five Creepiest YouTube Channels

YouTube, a video sharing platform where one can get any information with just a single tap. YouTube had thirty-one million channels and 5 billion videos in 2019, and the numbers are still rising. YouTube is a user-friendly platform where one can stream anything ranging from learning new skills to watching a short film. Whatever you want, YouTube got it all!. But what will be your reaction if I tell you that the same YouTube has a darker and sinister side? The top five creepiest youtube channels are as follows:-

1) My Dark Journal.

This channel is the creepiest and sinister YouTube channel. It was created on 18th July 2008, and the chain has uploaded approximately 68 videos. The strange thing about this channel is that it used to be active at the time the canal was created, but now it seems that the owner had ceased to post videos. In his videos, all you can see is blood, gore, and there is a special mention of a paranormal entity we all know as a slender man. Almost all the videos are alarming, and I'll suggest not watching this channel videos if you are a faint-hearted person. 

2) Hi Walter! It's Me, Patrick!

Hi Walter! It's me, Patrick is another creepy channel on YouTube. This channel was created in 2009, and only one video was uploaded by the owner named 'Hi Walter! I got a new GF today,' and since then, the channel is inactive. In this fifty three-second video, we can see that there is a guy named Patrick who was seen telling his friend Walter that he got a new girlfriend and how they went shopping. Then the video takes a sudden change when Patrick enters the basement and opens a door where a girl was seen tied up and screaming. Then Patrick enters the bathroom and closes the door, but the girl was still crying. The video comes to an end. Conspiracy theorist links the video to the abduction of fifteen-year-old girl Kayla Berg who went missing in 2009. But when this video went viral and after a thorough police investigation, this video was declared as fake, and it was just made for fun and had no connection with the disappearance of Kayla Berg. Even though the video was made for fun, it turns out to be very creepy. Do watch the video and let me know your opinions on it.

3) NASA Jim 108

This channel was created on 24th July 2008, and this channel only has 15 videos. The last video on this channel was uploaded four years ago. The videos are about a dying scientist informing about how NASA is working with Aliens to get their technology. If you go and check the 'about' section of this channel, you will see that it is written that the set of videos is requested to be uploaded after the death of the NASA scientist. This channel is definitely scary and will question you about your existing knowledge. 

4) Ms. Porcelain Doll 

Ms. Porcelain Doll is another scary YouTube channel which is not for a faint-hearted. This video of the YouTube channel shows creepy dolls dancing on a mysterious song and flowers bursting in a strange manner. Well, this channel is have been taken down by YouTube, but all the videos are available. In short, the videos of this channel are enough to give you nightmares. 

5) Robert Helpmann 

Robert Helpmann channel was created on 12th July 2015, and it was active four years ago. There is a total of 10 videos on this channel. The thing that makes this channel creepy is that the person in the video is seen playing with a dead body named Daisy. In the videos, he was sometimes seen stabbing her or feeding her. Another thing that makes these videos creepy is the popping up of random words in the video. These words make no sense at all, but when you copy all the words from all the videos, you will see that it forms poetry. Maybe it looks like the owner is trying to convey a message, but to date, no one can interpret the poem. We can never know. 

So these are the top five creepiest YouTube channel that is enough to give you nightmares. Thank you 

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Well said bro...👌🏻👏🏻

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eli VII - Apr 23, 2020, 3:49 PM - Add Reply

Karna bhai🔥

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Naman Choudhary - Apr 23, 2020, 9:50 PM - Add Reply

Great content 👌

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