Top 7 ways to earn online money as a graphic designer

The trend of online earning is now in demand, especially in these lockdown days; people are not able to go out for work, everyone is stuck at home but needs work done at home, like some online jobs.

The same is in the case of graphic designers that they want to earn money from their designs while sitting at home, but they didn't get that right platform. There are few platforms, but its almost impossible for newbies to get these jobs as that platform demands experienced and perfect designers.

So here are few ways by using which you can earn money online from now as a graphic designer even if you are not so perfect in designing, but if you don't know the basics of graphic design, then you can also earn money using following ways. All you have to do is to go to YouTube and find some good mentors for learning graphic designing. One of my favorite mentors on YouTube is the GFX mentor. He teaches in Urdu, but you can even learn by the subtitle.

From the following ways you can earn money from the very first month, and you need zero investment to get started there. They will pay you for your designs and skill without feminism. And to work there, you need a computer and the time of one to two hours.


Freelancing is very common nowadays. And everyone is willing to do work from home as a freelancer. You can even do freelancing being a graphic designer. There are some popular freelancing sites such as fiver, Guru, Upwork, and You can take photos, make logos, banners for your clients found in these sites.

 2.Teach online

If you know graphic designing, then you can even become a teacher for money. Some excellent websites allow you to give lectures online to the students right away from home for the sake of money.

3.Create a YouTube channel

As I told you about that, if you are an excellent graphic designer, then you can teach design to the students. And you can do this same work being a YouTuber. Go and create a YouTube channel and start recording the course of Graphic designing and also give tips on different projects involved in graphic designing. YouTube gives you a handsome amount of money for your content, so go ahead.

 4. Create image templates for Pinterest Pinterest is now added to popular sites, and they are giving a handsome amount of money to their Creators, and you can also join them as a graphic designer. You can create stunning image templates for Pinterest. As many users use Pinterest for their projects, your models could also be used by those who will get cash sitting at home.

 5.Customize And Sell a Wordpress theme

Wordpress is the world's biggest website for creating a website and getting host, but you can work as a graphic designer, thereby designing websites or their issue. What you have to do is to install any item of website form WordPress and then sell from WordPress and then sell it to WordPress after customizing it, and you can also design own theme for website, and you can sell it to a different website.

 6.Design Logos 

The most convenient way of earning a large amount of money is to design a logo for any company. Big companies give a large amount of cash for their unique logos. As a graphic designer, you can also earn a handsome amount of money by designing logos for different companies or brands. And to do this, you can go to various websites were clients hire you for logos and earn the right amount of money.

 7.Create a Blog

As I told you before that you can earn money by teaching graphic designing. So, a blog is another way to teach students. Write tutorials on graphic designing and then post them to your blog. Later on, if you monetize your blog, you will get money from google, and it is simple to earn money online as a graphic designer.

So, go ahead.

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