Top 5 Indian Mobile games (2021)

      Top 5 Indian mobile games on play store (2021)


      it took me some effort to explore the Best of Best Indian games available on the play store and I have prep ed a list of all of them. make sure you analyze them throughout and try each of them and support our Indian creators cause nationality comes first.



    5. Kick the buddy



 kick the buddy is an Indian stress-releasing game. We are daily frustrated by our life and desires some relaxation. here in this game you can kick the guy in the picture, beat him with punches, guns, bats, every piece of equipment they provide to free your stress and make you feel good. Kick The Buddy is a game for you! Use a knife, submachine gun, rocket launcher, or even a tank to shoot the hanging doll. Do you like arcade games? Kick The Buddy is a game for you! Use a knife, submachine gun, rocket launcher, or even a tank to shoot the hanging doll. Each time you attack it, will drop the gold coins and collect more gold coins to unlock the powerful weapons. You will love this fun game.



4.  Guardian of the skies

guardian of the skies is the first mobile action game that was inspired by the Indian air force. It has various fighter planes, the dynamics of the game are pretty thrilling and adventurous it has various maps and the user can enjoy his free time with this over the thrilling game.  Very Realistic Mission Profiles - Highly detailed aircraft models and other assets - Featuring multiple fighter, transport and helicopter aircraft of the IAF - Easy to learn training mission for new flyers - Ten Operational Missions featuring various IAF roles - The most advanced multiplayer in the world for mobile to mobile combat on your local WiFi network - Advanced air combat depictions with modern air to air and air to ground weapons - Uncluttered Head Up Display optimized to display relevant information - Optimized for low to medium end smartphones - First mobile game to be officially based on the Indian Air Force MISSIONS - SINGLE PLAYER Training : Learn to fly & master the SU30MKI Anti Piracy : Fly a SU30MKI & Stop pirates from taking over Indian ships Rescue : Fly a Mi17V5 to rescue civilians from a burning oil rig and combat enemy assets Combat extraction - Fly a Special Ops C130 and extract a VIP from behind enemy lines Combat Air Patrol - Fly a Mirage2000 and defend your base against enemy strike aircraft High Value Asset protection - Fly a SU30MKI/ M2000/ Tejas to defend an IAF Phalcon AWACS against enemy fighters. (source:-



3. Ludo King

I mean who doesn't know ludo king? everyone knows, but the thing which most of us don't know that this game is made by an Indian company. it has worldwide followers now. This game is the most successful Indian game ever. but you will wonder why is it not on top 1? I will explain this list is not made on the fact that which game has more downloads or more popular. this list is made on the dynamics and variety of each game. talking about ludo king. In every household gathering, we play this game to obtain absolute fun. Daily wage labours who do a lot of hard work also need some spare time to enjoy, so I saw them playing this game many times. so don't forget to play ludo king with your friends and friends.



2. WCC 2

Here comes the second popular worldwide game. world cricket championship 2, I personally recommend if you don't have this game on your mobile. You better download it ASAP. It consists of such a large amount of diversity and uniqueness which you will not find in any other cricket game. It even gives a tough competition to PC games. It has the record of all the worldwide players how they look, what are the playing styles, bowling styles, batting styles literally every single data is available. it can easily run on 1 GB of ram.

game size - 460 Mb

now it has introduced a new model! which is a 1v1 rival without an internet connection. this single game has won my heart endless times.



1. Mask gun




Here comes the boss !!

I guarantee 90% of Indians didn't know about this masterpiece. It is a highly underrated game on the play store. you are be thinking why am I praising this game so much?

let us discuss that here,

MaskGun is an online Battle Royale game that can easily run on 2GB ram devices.

the quality of graphics the game delivered is phenomenal. talking about the gameplay it's highly versatile, the VFX used are next level. I can write about this game the whole day !!

the game size is only = 120MB.

this game can easily overpower FAUG, COD, PUBG, FREE-FIRE in terms of gameplay and graphics plus the point it is Indian. I am proud of those software developers who made this game it is highly mesmerizing.


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