Happy December good vibes people's as we all came across a beautiful 11 months of the year, may this last month fulfill all your goals for this 2019.

As we grow old years getting younger, this is the right time where you could enjoy your life to the fullest without any regrets after year's end. This last month could change your life too if you're to that new year gonna arrive as soon.

I could say that for someone this last months could be best because he came throughout the difficulties solution in his or her life where endeavor light him up till this last months. But as we look into another person we see his life is still struggling thought out the year even though the year has to an end someone would not be aware or appreciate for himself through his problem kills him still. His heart is not happy because he might not fulfill his dreams throughout the year. 

As came to the point of my view I want to say that every people has his own priority, individuals lifestyle but as we all are in one. We should live our life to be in happy always in any matter you are facing in that way your life can achieve your goals. 

So this is my first article about myself .well you all might be wondering about this person for a long time reading through these contents. I wrote this as I want to  change my life  where I have been living in the dark for so long that I want to convince people like me living in this beautiful dark world, where you feel non-understanding with people because your life want to be happy till the last breath in order to achieve a goal one day

Well myself Tj 

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