These three things are the most spread of cancer, number 1 we use every day

Today, there are many such things in our house and used daily, which promotes many diseases, but in this post today, we are going to tell you about three of the things that promote cancer.  It is a disease that is impossible to treat, you will be surprised to know that for the last 10 years, the kidneys, liver and other parts of the body have been responsible for spreading serious disease like cancer by humans.  There is a hand in chemical-made things, let me tell you, whatever are the reasons for cancer, if they are removed, cancer can be avoided if they are removed, then let us know what causes cancer.  Is


Disposal plates are used a lot in India at festivals, weddings, wedding functions, in which people often consume things like tea, coffee, soft drinks, chemical hot milk, hot tea, etc. are melted as soon as they are added.  And these chemicals enter the body and make us sick.

 2. Mosquito killing chemicals

We often use many types of chemicals to repel mosquitoes, which many companies make, let us tell you, this chemical destroys the tissues of our lungs, this chemical is mixed in our blood and the auctions that reach the lungs.  Makes it difficult to stop breathing.

3. Agarbatti

Often if we apply lights, incense lights to please God, while many types of chemical are used in them, when their smoke comes out, it works to spread cancer and when this smoke reaches the lungs then  They destroy the lung tissue, due to which problems like cancer start.


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