the history of the Nintendo Company and a product history of the Nintendo Switch.

Throughout its history of home entertainment, Nintendo has developed unique hardware and software as a combined entertainment product, with software as the primary engine. Today, Nintendo is targeting a key strategy that will expand the global audience of players. To this end, Nintendo offers unique hardware and software that can appeal to as many customers as possible around the world. It offers a different experience for video games, regardless of age, gender, and language, culture or gaming experience. 2008).

However, Sony has been successful in the Nintendo static console market for many years and has been damaged by Microsoft for a short time. This means that the GameCube Console is no longer a successful anticipation of the company. At the same time, "the Wii is the console of choice for casual gamers and cannot convince hardcore gamers that this is a big buy, but with an estimated $ 3.5 million worth of 'units sold in the UK, the Nintendo does not remember very well.' Mintel)

The video game and console market includes all video games used with consoles and related equipment, including consoles, peripherals and accessories such as joysticks, memory cards and cables.

With the collapse of the economy, the global video game market grew by 23.7% to $ 49.6 billion in 2008 and is expected to reach 8.9% in 2008-2013, while growth is more Slow compared to 2007. Console games dominate while the largest segment is expected to grow from 54.1% in 2008 to 46.3% in 2013. In 2008, the largest consumer market, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), had a market share of 35.3%, reduce its market share in the entire video game market by 2013. According to Business Insight, the Asia-Pacific region will drive the video game to the forefront of consumers.

Based in Japan, Nintendo is the largest video game publisher in the world. Currently, most of the top 15 video game publishers in the United States or Japan. There are three main players in the console hardware market, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo is the leader in video game consoles, which provides nearly 50% of the global video game market in 2009. The PlayStation 3 (PS3) and Xbox have the same market shares in second and third places respectively.

Nintendo should not only focus on market share, but also create a more aggressive variety of games. Depending on the price, you cannot earn any loyalty. The PS3 and Xbox have more than 200 titles that delight customers, while the Nintendo Wii is known only as Wii-Sport. Although there are many sports games, customers do not like monotonous games. They require a game more exciting, interesting and variable.

Nintendo operates as a global company that sells its products not only in different regions or regions. The company should develop more regions such as China and India than its market. At present, there is no sale of products in China, also missing many opportunities and income margins.

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