How to fight against Corona with a brave Business man

How to fight with covid 19

It is not a story of a Bangladeshi. It is a real character in a business field who takes steps with his business work's full team. A. B. M Shamsuddin, the chairman and the proprietor of Hannan Group, has maybe faced the most significant conflict against COVID 19 in Bangladesh. This person took steps against Corona as a brave fighter. He did not afraid as a regular person what is motivated all. He came out triumphant in flying hues.
When the plants resumed on April 26 following a month of lockdown, Shamsuddin, 65, leased nine structures in Gazipur to ensure the entirety of his 12,000 laborers were very much dealt with and are isolated if they were suspected of having been tainted with the COVID 19. In May and June, he isolated approximately 1,357 laborers or about 11 percent of his workforce.
In contrast to all the production lines, who sent their tainted or suspected COVID 19 specialists back home to their towns, Shamsuddin ensured that these speculated laborers don't spread the ailment in their homes and networks. Every one of the presumed laborers was screened with the assistance of a clinical group of six specialists and the same attendants' quantities.
His organization paid for their food, medication, and each little thing they required when they were isolated. He purchased motion for every one of them with the goal that they can drink boiling water and ginger, cardamom bound tea. All the laborers were paid 100% of their wages, including Eid rewards. He composed COVID tests for every one of 1,357 presumed laborers at his expense and found that 143 were contaminated with the infection. The speculates went through a compulsory 14 days in the isolate focuses, and the contaminated remained there as long as it took them to recoup.
After two months, all the laborers have recouped, and they continued work. It cost him 20 million takas and a military-like activity to run a weak troopers' sleeping enclosure during the wartime. "It resembled a war of autonomy," said Shamsuddin, who, like a long term old kid, went to Major Haider in 1971 to join our freedom battle.
At the point when practically all the articles of clothing industrial facilities cut the compensations of their laborers by 40 percent by an administration mandate to brave COVID 19 monetary emergency, Shamsuddin paid his 12,000 specialists full wages. Furthermore, when his production lines continued undeniable activities, he even recruited 1,595 new laborers to adapt to new requests.
"It was an encounter of a lifetime. At the point when every one of my companions kept themselves at home, I was in a war. Also, by the beauty of Almighty Allah, none of our laborers have passed on or lost positions," he said. I don't know about whatever other plant has isolated their laborers in a different office or even took care of them during their sickness over the most recent a half year of our fight against Covid-19.
Here, some personal characters clearly said he is not a selfish person; what is not available in regular person that His company paid for their food, medicine, and every tiny thing they needed when they were quarantined. He bought flux for each of them to drink hot water and ginger; cardamom laced tea. All the workers were paid off their wages, including Eid bonuses. He organized COVID-19 tests for suspected workers at his cost. The suspects spent a mandatory 14 days in the quarantine centers, and the infected stayed there as long as it took them to recover.

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Nice process

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