Safe Internet Browsing tips

Today , I am going to discuss about how to do safe Internet browsing . 

Internet stands for international network . A network which is spread all over the world . Internet connect the people from all over the world . Now - a - days , people's life can not be imagined without internet . Because , today people do many things over Internet . Today people can do online shopping , online bill payment , online tickets booking for train , buses and airplane and for watching movies also and many more etc. with the help of this platform which is called Internet . So , there are so many advantagese of Internet . 

Internet had made the life of people easy to more easier and more quicker . 

Today , almost we all know how to use the internet . But , we have to know or we have to understand how to do safe Internet Browsing .

Here , I am going to write about a very simple and a very helpful tips to all of you .

Firstly , whenever you open your browser on your Smartphone or Computer and visit a website , at first you tap on the three dots which is visible on the top right corner of your Smartphone or Computer . After then you tap or click on the (i) icon and you see a pop up window which shows the site you have visited is secure or not . If the site is secure the screen shows that ' connection is secure ' and if not it shows that ' the connection to this site is not secure' . With this easy tricks you can easily find out what will be your next step . 

Secondly , whenever you visit a website you have to notice the wed address url on your address bar which shows https or http . Https or a symbol of lock is more secure for your browsing .

Thirdly , Whenever you use a computer in a public place you have to apply incognito mode for your browsing . Because it does not retain your search history .

So, above mentioned are some simple and helpful tips for your safe Internet Browsing.

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