Quotations on save water

Today the world is burning with many issues in which scarcity of freshwater stands first. Today it is an urgent need for us to save water and increase the groundwater level to our survival.

Here are some beautiful, meaningful, useful 53 quotes on saving water for students.

1. save water before throat dry.

2. Earth is the only planet that holds water.

3. Water is precious.

4. The best gift that we can give to our generation is to save water.

5. What is there without water?

6. Everything can be cleaned only by water, even you!!!!!! Think.....

7. Use water never to wastewater.

8. You can't live without water, but the stream can live without you.

9. Will you guide your children to save water?

10. Respect water.

11. We can live without money.  

  We can live without love

We can leave without a company

We can live without a job

but not water.

12. Life starts with water; life ends with water

13. If your wastewater, you have no at ethics live.

14. Where is water? It is within you save it.

15. Thanks for saving water.

16. Take a step to save water.

17. This is not water, but it is your life.

18. Are you in search of water on another planet? Forget it water is available only on this planet save it.

19. Take a bath. Do not pour water.

20. Have you seen desert y? will shortly see...

21. Have you taught your children to save water?

22. Do not neglect water; it ignores you later.

23. Conserve water; it is not a matter.

24. Water in the eyes of water.....

25. Saving water is in your hands.

26. Behave like human beings. Save water...

27. Avoid water pollution. You have the solution.

28. Who has the responsibility to protect water ---us

29. Earth is burning, leave some water to keep it.

30. There is no alternative for water.

31. Save water decrease temperature.

32. Social concern is the only means to save water.

33. Keeping water increases your ethics.

34. Do not wastewater.

35. Save water. Save the forest.

36. Save underground water.

37. Do not teach; d not preach just save water.

38. You can be created, but water cannot be designed to save water.

39. Save me.

40. water covers two-thirds of the surface of the Earth, but freshwater is only 0.002% on Earth.

41.we are in urgent need of human beings who save water.

42. Who should save water- all..

43. You are 60% of water save 60% of yourself.

44. I don't waste water, what about you?

45. Saving water is not humiliation and also wasting water is not a prestigious matter.

46. Be stingy while using water.

46. Save water, save Earth.

47. Show human nature by saving water.

48. Are you a human being then save water.

49. Be the first in the campaign of saving water and saving Earth.

50. remember, the water cycle and life cycles are the same; they are interrelated. If you keep the water cycle, the water cycle continues your life cycle.

51. Save plants on Earth by saving Love water.

52. Love the water that rain loves you and leaves for you.

53. Live for water used for you. Love water loves you.



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Norainizah - Mar 27, 2020, 11:27 AM - Add Reply

Also i need water to make my slime.lol

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