As we all know about CoVID-19.It is a viral disease mean caused by a virus named "SEVERE ACUTE RESPIRATORY SYNDROME CORONA VIRUS 2(SARS-COV-2).

The disease emerged from Wuhan city of China, Hubei Province, and till now reached round about 190 countries of the world.

Covid-19 is not a fatal disease and can be recoverable; even its treatment is not discovered yet. But the problem is that it can spread very fastly from person to person as above 4lacs cases round about the world is the evidence.

The reason behind this pandemic situation is the ignorance of people towards it. When the first case report in Italy and their government appealed their people to stay at home to avoid Covid-19, people started making fun of it. And those who were not involved in making fun they were also ignoring the situation. Similarly, in Spain. As a result, a devastating condition of pandemic develops in Italy and Spain. A large number of people are infected, and the deaths cross the number in China, which is about 3000 plus in China and reached up to 7000 in Italy.

But here my concern is not only Italy and Spain but the whole world.

Dear readers!recent studies on Covid-19 show that 95% of the patients infected with this virus can be recovered even by not giving them some sort of special treatment.

Now the question arises why this panic condition is developed in the world. The simple answer is that just do to the spreading rate of this virus. As the United States also reaches the number of infected people more than 54000, and WHO is alerting that if this rate continues, the US can be the next center of the Corona Virus. And the danger is at the peak because till now no treatment for this disease has been discovered.

Therefore, in almost all Europe, Asia, and America, the official lockdown all the schools, shopping malls, and public working centers due to which there is still a negative effect on the world's economy.

Dear readers!let me now come to the point on which my title is based on that what should be the possible cure for the Covid-19.

It has two answers,

1.the first one is regarding how to avoid the covid-19, and that is only the most efficient way to prevent the Covid-19 is to stay home.

2. The second method is regarding a possible cure for Covid-19.

The idea was discussed by one of the best doctors of our country Dr.Tahir Shamsi in a media talk show. He explained that recent studies on Covid-19 show that the person who is infected from Coronavirus and has a robust immune system, so when he recovers from this disease himself, so He had developed the antibodies against the virus which remained in his body after recovery also

These antibodies are produced in his blood plasma and can demolish cov-2 cells. Further, the doctor says that China has also adopted this way of treatment and got about 80% of good results. The Experiment is as follow

The person who has been recovered from Covid-19 and hs developed antibodies against it, so plasma from this person is taken and transfused into the other patient's blood. By this, the other patient also adopts the ability to make these kinds of antibodies.

But here he discussed the point this treatment is not for every patient of the Coronavirus because 95% of patients can recover themselves. This treatment should be given to the  aged patients and also to those who are in severe conditions.

So I think until the specific vaccine comes for this in the market, this treatment is the best option,


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