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Badminton is the game of ancient ages. This ancient game has its origin in England and Asia. It is also known as Shuttlecock and Battledore and was orignated about 2000 years ago.

Modern badminton was introduced in mid-19th century in India. It was started by military officers stationed there. Net was introduced to this game of English. Before this players just hit the shuttle and does not allow it to touch the ground. This game was played by British. It was popular in British garrison. In the beginning instead of shuttles wooden balls were preferred in wet or windy conditions but ultimately shuttlecock became most favourable object for badmintion.

Name of badmintion came from Badmintion House - home of Duke of Beaufort in English country.

First, open tournament was held at Guildford on March 1998. This tournament was organised by Mr. Perky Buckley the secretary of Guildford Badmintion Club. It was one day event in which only doubles would play. 

International Badminton Federation came into existance in 1934 with nine members including England, Wales, Ireland, Denmark, Scotland, Holland, Canada, France and New Zealand. Now a days IBF( International Badmintion Federation ) is known as BWF( Badmintion World Federation ). In these days members of BWF are 176 countries around the globe.

First, major IBF tournament was Thomas Cup( World men team Championship ) held in 1948 and was won by Malaya. Uber( World Women's Team Championship ) was added in 1956.

Badminton was demonstration sport in 1972 at Munich Olympics. It became official Olympic sport in 1992.

First, singles and doubles were introduced in Olympics. Later on mixed doubles were introduced.The games which are included in Olympics only have male or female doubles. It is only badmintion in the Olympics which has mixed doubles.

Kento Momota is the winner of men's singles BWF Championships of 2019 and V.Sindhu is winner of women's singles BWF Championships of 2019.



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