Marketing issues

Marketing Issues

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies like internet browsing, mobile apps, websites or any other digital medium. In today's era, digital marketing is spreading globally world wide. Companies like, amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Clubfactory and all other eCommerce companies provide the consumer with their services and satisfaction.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is the smallest scale business which creates awareness using radio, printing, and other sources of the medium. This provides consumer to spend some time for purchasing their products with full satisfaction by visiting.

Today's Marketing trend and motive of e-commerce

Digital marketing has started overtaking offline marketing by spreading its services all over the world with consumer benefits. The main motive of eCommerce marketing is to remove small scale businesses or offline marketing from the competition. Thes eCommerce companies provide various discounts and schemes to the consumer which attracts the consumer such that they become habitual to their services. 

Due to the trend to spread digital marketing these companies go with huge annual losses to provide the consumer with the greatest discounts. They release various schemes and sales like, 'Amazon Big Billion sale', or a 'Flipkart Big Billion Sale', and many more to link maximum consumer purchases product from their web. They provide various advertisement on social sites of individuals related to their search so that consumer attracts and bond to purchase. E-commerce provides facilities such as free deliveries, cashback options and safety policies which let the customer trust on them. 

Effects of E-commerce and conclusion

Small scales individuals and companies are lack with various facilities. Cash from the offline market is reducing day by day. Individual businesses are demolished one after another due to digital marketing. It is also being calculated that if the trend of eCommerce goes on then 10 years later only digital marketing will left. 

Offline marketing is the greatest issue in today's time because of eCommerce which is establishing their empire by defending various losses. The consumer should aware about the fact that once these companies achieve their goals and establish their market globally then they will start regaining all their losses by increasing market value. At that time everyone will bond to use eCommerce and have to face problems.

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