Jorge Prado, the rookie aspiring to all of MXGP

Jorge Prado

At just 19 years old, Jorge Prado can boast of having taken the maximum in the last two MX2 world championships, something that has earned him this year in the premier class and an extension of his contract until 2023 He has exchanged the KTM 250 SX-F for the KTM 450 SX-F and shares the official bike of the Austrian team with Jeffrey Herlings and Tony Cairoli.

Almost two years ago, we were able to interview him shortly before he won his first World Cup in 2018, and now we have been able to speak again with the Galician. Prado shows the maturity of older pilots, like those he is facing this year in MXGP and has a hunger for victory that reflects in each of his responses. Neither the injury nor the stoppage due to the coronavirus has affected the positivity of this 'child prodigy' of motocross.

"I think a world champion deserves to have a Grand Prix in his country."

Well ... the truth is that I am wearing it quite decent since right now I am in Belgium, and here the situation is not as difficult as it happens with Italy (where he usually resides) or in Spain.

Here you can go out for sports outside the home, and you can go for a walk. Of course, the stores, schools, motocross tracks, and all that has closed, but what is physical training I can continue doing. But it is a somewhat awkward situation for everyone. For example, I cannot ride a motorcycle now, and it is not easy.

Is physical preparation different now, or do you do the usual routine? Yes, the method is practically the usual one because we also do not know when we are going to start competing again or how many tests we are going to have if we have tests… So the important thing for me is to continue with training and as I come from an injury what I want to strengthen the wrong leg and more than anything it is actually to maintain ourselves and improve a little if possible.

Commenting a bit on the calendar topic, when do you think it will run again? Is it feasible to resume in Russia in June?

I with the situation that exists ... I don't know. It would be very positive if you could run there, but I think nobody knows yet. The first thing is the health of everyone, so once everything is fine and we can start competing, the truth is that I would not mind even in December.

For me, there must be a championship with enough tests, and I am willing to run until the month it takes. I think there will be organizers who cannot, but being a motocross; it may be easier to move the dates or reach agreements. Maybe to have at least ten more tests and not less. That's not in my hands ...

You were talking to us before your injury Jorge. What remains of that broken femur?

Well… I got injured in December, two months later I got on the bike, and after two weeks we decided to go to the first race in the world. But even now, I am not 100%, which is still a bit far from me since I have a little knee discomfort from time to time, which is where I received the impact.

I resent it a little in the morning or when it's cold. So ... well, on the one hand, I do resent it, but on the other, it is perfect. In the end, it has only been three months and something since the injury, which is not that long.

The truth is that it was a pleasant surprise for everyone when you announced that you were going to the UK race. How did you feel in the first two tests of the championship?

Well ... I just don't have much with the new bike. I started last year after winning the World Cup, with a preparation of a week and a half before going to the 'Nations,' and then I rested to train physically and be able to start with the bike and be well.

And just when I started with the bike, I got injured ... I lost all that winter preparation, and there are many hours that I have to recover. I did not get to feel 100% on the bike because I did not have time. Of those two weeks before the race, training as such was two days because I couldn't support my leg on the ground, and in motocross, you have to use your whole body.

We decided to go because I was there, how can I explain it, prepared enough to go and take some points. We did well. I have a competitive bike, and I am currently 8th in the championship, which is very good for having had a broken leg… (laughs). I was in the top 10 in the UK and the Netherlands, and that's great under the circumstances.

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