The magic behind "RECALLING."


Steps -

1. materials/notes –

  • Chunking
  • Mind maps

2. The Product not the Process

A. essential techniques – focused and diffused modes

B. visualization

C. learning important dates

D. interleaving

E. understanding the strategy

F. deliberate practice

G. sleep


3. Recalling/testing –

A. illusion of learning

B. closing the book

C. flashcards

D. lifelong hearing


Materials/Notes – When we open a book with a lot of texts and paragraphs with black and white pages, even sometimes no images. It instantly makes our brain to feel tired, bored, and leads to lost interest. This is where these two are helpful-

Chunking- Writing down the key points or the more straightforward ideas instead of a whole lot of paragraphs makes learning so much straightforward, and it lasts longer. And finally, with highlighters, color pens, and doodles are handwriting, our lost interest converts into looking it more deeply.

Mind map – The technique I always used to study. Suppose I give you a book containing ten chapters with 20 pages each, i,e. a book of 200 pages, and then at the same time, I provide you a file with the equal and exact ten chapters with two pages each, having the critical material shown in the graph. This will gain our interest in that file instantly. Burden, your mind is never a good idea. We love playing with colors, so why don't we use them in manipulating our brain to thing this thing as the best material and easy to learn.

The Product, not the Process – Procrastination always remained my problem. This course helped me a lot in finding a way to deal with it more efficiently.

And also, I started focusing on learning with relaxing and thinking more deeply on my topics instead of repeating them again and again.


key techniques – focused and diffused modes – The main techniques I learned from this course is how to learn the material by diffuse more than to focused mode. and then to lead it with more creative answers. Then comes our second learned trick about how to remember it for a long time.

visualization – When in school time, we read our storybook while sitting in our library. We got lost in our favorite stories. It felt like everything is happening in front of our eyes instead of written in books. And when someone recalls our name, it takes almost 3 – 4 seconds to get back into our real world. But this story becomes our favorite throughout our life. Visualization makes us feel things more deeply and throughout our life. We remember the part of the movie more than the boring texts in our books. So to imagine the things and create a visual image in our brain results to remember the thing for a very long time

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