How to get super smooth and silky hair Instantly at home?

Most Effective Hair Remedies with Instant Results:-

Have you been tired of dry and Rough Hair? Or are you also struggling with hair fall? Not anymore! Here are a few easy and effective remedies for your help.

1- Magic Hair Oil:-

To make this Magic hair Oil, the ingredients that you need are a few essential oils, chopped onions, Garlic cloves, and of course, a glass bottle to store in. Onion is very beneficial for your hair and not only reduces hair fall but also helps in stimulating hair growth, Helps prevent and fungal infections with its antibacterial properties that are very beneficial for your scalp, Helps nourish your hair follicles, prevents dandruff, and makes your hair super strong and healthy. As it can be a little challenging to apply Onion juice on your hair every time, This Magic Hair oil is a great way to store the Onion juice for a more extended period and helps you save time.

you can also check out for more benefits of applying Onion on your hair by checking the attached link below.

How to make the magic hair oil?

You need a 250 ml bottle of Mustard oil, Castor Oil, and Olive oil. Combine them together in a pan and start heating them on low flame. Once it starts to boil, add 2 completely chopped chunks into it along with garlic cloves. Let the mixture cook on low flame for about 30 mins till you see the onions have changed their color to brown. Once the onion changes its color, Turn off the flame and add 250 ml of coconut oil into it. Make sure to add it after you turn off the flame. Let the mixture cool for a few hours and then strain the oil and store it in a glass bottle. Apply the hair oil at least twice a week for miraculous results.

In case you find it difficult to bear the smell of this Hair Oil you can go ahead and add a few drops of Rosemary Essential Oil so that you can easily apply on your hair and keep it for a few hours (minimum 2 hours) without any problem.

2-Smoothening Hair Mask:-

Take 1 egg yolk, 6 Tablespoons of yogurt, 2 Tablespoons of mustard oil, and ! tablespoon of Honey. Mix them all together and make it into a smooth thick paste. Apply the hair mask all over your hair strands 40 minutes before showering. Use the hair mask every 2 days for instant results.

3-Hair straightening Spray:-

Take 200 ml of milk, add a few drops of lemon juice into it to thicken its consistency, Add 1 Tablespoon honey and apply the hair spray all over your hair 20 minutes before you wash your hair for instant heatless straightening and achieve super silky hair.

4- Bonus Tip for Quick and Shiny Hair:-

Once you have washed your hair, take 1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar in a bowl and mix it with normal tap water, Rinse off your hair with this solution in the end for the instant shiny hair. 

Flaunt your beautiful and healthy hair.

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