How to select your dream 11 team ?

Questions in your mind

The new season of IPL has started from yesterday.  You will now be ready to take part in a game like Dream XI, which is played on a mobile phone while sitting in front of the TV every evening for a month and enjoying the game on the field.  Exactly which player I don't want to take in my final eleven players?  Take this batsman or take that batsman?  No, he is good, but it's expensive.  Which bowler to take?  He had taken five wickets last time.  This time will do too. Which wicketkeeper shall I take it in my team? Who will be the captain of my team ?.  Who will be the vice-captain?. 
Captain, which I select in my team, will he play best in this match? We have many such questions.  So even if you have to invest five rupees or five hundred rupees.  These questions are common to all.  So in this article, we are going to discuss exactly what to look out for when choosing your team.

Preparation a day before

So one day before the match you are going to pay for, start studying the players of both the teams that are going to play in that match and the pitch that they are going to play.  Yes, it is important that you study the pitch.  We ignore the pitch and choose the best players and make our favorite player as captain and vice-captain and fall right there.  So what if that pitch is conducive to bowlers and you make a batsman your captain?  The bowlers will go to the maximum on that pitch, and your money will also go.  So first, we have to see if the pitch is supporting the batsmen or the bowlers.  Moreover, if it is supporting the bowlers, it is supporting the fast bowlers or the spin bowlers.  Decide your captain accordingly.  If you can't predict a pitch, estimate the average number of runs scored on that pitch in the last five or six matches, which will help you figure out exactly what the pitch looks like. Try to make a captain on that basis; possibly an all-rounder makes your first choice for captain.  Because it will get you points in his bowling as well as in his batting.  Never select captain a batsman who comes in sixth or seventh because he has very few chances to bat.  Choose the wicketkeeper that is cheaper.  Taking care of all these things does not guarantee that you will win, but it does increase your chances of winning.

Game of luck

Before the game starts, we can only choose the team by making a guess.  Everything else is a matter of luck.  So don't invest too much money in this game out of lust.  And if you are having a lot of confusion, you should make a total of six teams and spend a little money on each team without spending too much on one team.  So that even if one guess fails, the other guess can come true.  If the second crop fails, the third prediction will come true.  You will get a total of six such opportunities.  But when choosing a total of six such teams, don't forget to turn the players who are in good form into captains and vice-captains.No matter how much you do, Dream XI is a form of gambling.  Don't go overboard with it.  This is a game of your imagination.  but reality may be different

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