How to make a blog and earn more money online

What are blogs?  


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It is an online platform. You can share your skills, knowledge, business all over the country. It is like a business, and you can earn money online without investment of money. It has no limits, and it is the best source of knowledge in the world. And that time you see here that is called the blogs. 


What is blogging?


A person who makes the blogs is called a blogger, and writing and posting the blogs are called blogging. It is a good job. 



What is the difference between blogs and websites? 


Website is static, and blogs are not static. Blogs are daily posted, but the website is not daily posting; it is only when more need than updates called a website. Website is commonly used for a big company. But blogs are used for everyone. 


Benefit of blogs

  • If your blogs are more popular, you can earn money online with google AdSense and the affiliate market. 
  • If you have a small business, then you can write in your blogs. 
  • You will be famous from blogs.
  • You can earn more money. 
  • You can teach new things every day. 
  • It is the best option for teaching from home. 
  • Things require to create blogs

  • Domain 
  • Hosting 
  • Online platform 
  • Website design 


How to make blogs

1. domain 


For any website used best name server for example ( when you click on it then it will be open website 

The benefit of wordpress on blogs

  • It is a straightforward dashboard 
  • It is free, but if you can give some money  then you can take more benefit 
  • There are more themes 
  • There is no need for coding 
  • It is good to support  and service 
  • You can install and plug when you need


  • Those are essential steps. You will decide that you need to pay money or without pay for hosting 
  • There is a money website for used ex= wordpress, Wix,  blogger, etc 
  • But in the free site, you are not the owner of blogs
  • On the free site, it is not a good url link 
  • There are no more themes in free hosting 
  • There is more space in free hosting 
  • There is no more bandwidth in free hosting 

Design your blogs or website. 

It is an essential part of the blogs. Without it, your website does not look interesting. 

You can design your blogs from CSS and HTML.

And you need to write a layout, heading, meta tags, and description. 

3. connected to your domain and hosting 

You need to connect your domain and hosting. When you connected it, then it will be started for works. Without it, your website will not be run or not be worked. 

4.ssl certificate 

It is the identity of your website, and it will be the security of blogs from hackers. It is free or paid. Both are available in the market. 

You can install an SSL certificate and increase the speed of your website. 

5. Google Adsense 

Google adsense

It is an online platform for running ads. When your blogs are ready for posting, you will be applied for Google Adsense, and it gives a lot of money in dollars. It is an American website.

6.Shearing your blogs 

You can share your blogs on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media app to improve the blogs and gain more views. earning money 

It is good for earning money from home. It gives a lot of money without an investment of money. It does not need more hard words. It is a straightforward process. You can become a reach man in the world. You can complete your money needs. thanks for reading the blogs written by Saurabh Sharma. I have a youtube channel, "Mr science  star."

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