Now a day we are totally busy on own work and we forget one thing in daily life and that is health. Health is the main key to give the main success in your life but in the current lifestyle, we forget all thing and live in a busy lifestyle. In the whole world, only 35% population are fit and 55% population are in obesity according to WHO(World Health Organisation), but I tell you one thing without health you only waste your own efforts and money that's why the health is the main key of long life

@Healthy life totally depends on three points:-

1.Proper Diet

2.Daily Exercise


#PROPER DIET:-Proper diet is essential for us and it's the main point of a healthy life. In daily life most of the people only stuck in the way of FAST FOOD. Fast food like a magnet for human beings and that food tends to decrease your healthy life system. In the fast-food, there is a lot of saturated fat that can increase cholesterol and it is the main problem of obesity. In the present lifestyle, obesity is common because the diet plan is totally wrong and it's created a lot of disease like heart attack, overweighted, diabetes, etc

But we cure that things with the help of a healthy diet plan use micro and macronutrients in your diet like carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, etc but intake in proper manner and avoid "JUNK FOOD" and also avoid "DRUGS".

#DAILY EXERCISE:-That is a very good point for our healthy life and it's important also because exercise gives a perfect body shape and also improves the mental situation of our body. WHO gave many exercises to check the ability of a person for all age group and that exercise are check that person who comes in a healthy lifestyle or in an unhealthy lifestyle, but according to my point "I will give you some exercise for a healthy body and it takes only 20-30 minutes and it also gave a perfect body shape".

1.Push-ups (repetation15-20)



4.Meditation(20-30 minutes)

These all exercise increase your muscle power, increase your stamina that also controls your Hormones and meditation is increase your mind strenth and mind control and it also increases your ability in any work and you feel good because of good mind control

#HAPPINESS:- If you grew like a flower then that's the point is important for your life and that is happiness. In a fast world, people not feel happy because of work, they are totally stuck in busy lifestyle without any rest. Without happiness, you never have grown because happiness is like a fragrance once they spread then never stopped. Happiness gives a good mental and physical health condition but we lost her smiles in the burden of work and busy on the work & that creates a lot of tension and it occurs many dangerous diseases like blood pressure problems, mental problems, Depression, etc. That's why happiness is the reason to live long, keep smiling.



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