How to boost your self-confidence?

What is Confidence?

Confidence is the word which defines our personality. It differentiates each and every individual from the rest. About confidence is the parameter based on which we are just every single second.from our very childhood we are taught how to walk and talk and present ourselves as a confident being but do we grow up as confident as we have been taught to be? Which time most of us hide ourselves in the tough shells of fear and insecurity. The fear of being judged threatens our faith in ourselves thus leading to hiding ourselves behind the crowd. We want to remain unrecognised. But why? why not just break through all the fears and uncertainties and come to the forefront.


So here are some very basic things that you need to practice. It will surely give a boost to your confidence.


1.Body postures : 

Our body is a reflection of our minds. The way we sit, walk, stand, eat, even the movement of our hands while talking tell a lot about our personality. Always make sure to keep your shoulders straight. A slouchy body d is a sign of a lazy and underconfident personality. Even when you are not confident from within always try to look into the eyes of the person whom you are talking to. It builds and immediate connection and the person would be more likely to listen to you and pay you attention.

An inappropriate body posture and facial gestures can put a dead stop to a conversation even before it begins whereas a decent and gracious body posture can always make you look confident about yourself.



2.A smiling face: 

Always wear a smile on your face. you do not need to over smile as things might get a bit awkward. a bright and u

A proper outfit is always a game changer. It adds on to one's personality. A proper outfit doesn't always mean wearing expensive clothes, shoes, accessories or wearing expensive makeup.

What it means is wearing something that makes you comfortable rather than something that goes over the top. Look presentable and graceful and you will definitely grab eyeballs. Moreover it will make you feel super confident about yourself.



4.Talking to oneself:

This idea might sound a bit weird but it helps. We need to remember one thing that no one can judge us better than our own selves. so once we start standing in front of the mirror and talking to ourselves we get to see the flaws in our own personality and work on it.

It is the first step to achieving self confidence. It is a self learning process. before communicating with other people we need to communicate with ourselves to know us better.



5.Language is not a barrier:

People often believe that being able to speak in English increases the confidence level. It surely does but only to some extent. always remember that language is never a barrier when you are confident enough to communicate your thoughts. English is just a language. Some might know it while some might not light any other language. knowing a particular language can never be the benchmark for your confidence. Confidence is in the expression and not in the dialect.



6.Communicating with others:

To build up a good self confidence one needs to start talking to people and sharing their views. Initially it might be a bit difficult as people might not be interested in listening to you aur might even make fun of your low self confidence. One thing that you need to remember is it's not about today.

Learning something is a long term process and so is the process of gaining self confidence. People might laugh at you because they do not know your battle but you need to keep fighting. Those seen people will shower you with all respect when you turn out to be a confident individual.

These are a few basic things that will help you in the process of self growth. So start practicing.



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Saurabh Negi - Apr 7, 2021, 12:53 PM - Add Reply

Nice sir

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Rumiya Ray - Apr 7, 2021, 3:04 PM - Add Reply

Thank you. I hope this helps ♥️

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