How to Become the best version of you?


In life, this is not important that what are you showing and saying about yourself to others. That example, I will become the best in the world; I never give up; I will end the most beautiful human being.

This is important what are you saying about yourself inside yourself when you are alone.

Whatever you think about yourself alone what you say, it happens to you because it is your level of action and energy.

From outside, showing is not a big deal because showing off is the habit of most people.

I express some points that help achieve the best version of you in life.

Top 6 Points for the best version of you.


Set the prized dream. This will initiate the process of change and to you to discover a lifetime change formula.

The prize dream is the real motivator. It is such a strong desire that you will do whatever to take it comes true, including working hard and making sacrifices.

It is so valuable that you will never give up trying to achieve it. If you are realistic about achieving Your prize dream, you will adopt a balanced approach to your body healthily and your mind alert. You will avoid stress and emotional upsets and not push yourself to the point of exhaustion.



Use internal rules to learn to think out of the box. This gives a lifetime creativity formula.

"I don't go by the rule book, l lead from the heart, not the hand."

"There are no rules here; we are trying to accomplish something."

"Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are."

Rules are standard views as external rules imposed upon as school rules, the law of a country, social norms, and so on.

Thus many people dislike rules. They feel that regulations restrict freedom and stifle creativity.



Conduct Analysis. Examine the factors for or against you. Find your higher cause. This is your life passion formula.

The analysis considers those factors within your control, Such as the books you read or the friends you choose to spend time with. The report helps you discover the higher cause or inspiration that drives you forward. This is your passion. Thus, through analysis, you find out a lifetime passion formula.



Cultivate invincibility. Acquire the virtues that lead to invincibility. These give you a lifetime fulfillment formula. Invincibility is partly about having confidence and the winning attitude. This is very important, while trust wouldn't guarantee success; lack of confidence certainly guaranteed failure.







These five virtues bring us a life of fulfillment. Cultivating invincibility thus helps us discover a lifetime fulfillment formula.



Turns weakness into strengths set back into opportunities. This is your lifetime learning formula.

The strategy involves doing things in a deliberate way that is calculated to produce positive results.






these five elements of strategy from a continuous process of learning. Which episode in life contains lessons that prepare us for the text.

Strategy equips us with a lifelong learning formula.



Once you have achieved excellence, you want to do it repeatedly, not because you are greedy for success but because you have to.

Some people achieve success at an early age but sometimes happen, and they fall never to rise again, so it is essential that when you experience a setback, you can pick yourself up and move on to Greater Heights.


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