In today's world money is everything for survival but only rich people undestand it that if we want to be rich you don't have to be work hard you have to put your money for work . Rich people invest their half of money to  earn more . The main difference between The rich and The poor is  only that to invest their money . Poor people don't invest their money. If they get the more money in the form of bonus , lottery and many more they expand their expenses which leads to loss of that money in very stupid ways but in same if the rich people gets extra money they don't increase their expenses they invest all the money that will help them in future in the form of good returns , good intrests which further help them to achieve their dreams or goals they plan for their life but on the other side a poor man or a middle man work for long hours but still don't able to improve their family condition . Poor class or middle class people don't plan their future goals they do on the spot what ever he or she wanted to do but on the other hand the rich people plan their small things to large one which help them to decide whether its good or not for  them in future . The other main reason of the this big difference is that rich man never increase their expense unless or untill he or she make more money than that expense on the other side the poor man do party and enjoy weekends whenever he or she wanted to do so . So if you wanted to become successful stop burning your opportunities for temporarily comfort

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