confusion among people  during corona               

                                            "One day the world shall come to a halt......" wrote some unfortunately blessed poet sarcastically and it literally did come to a 'HALT'. One day news regarding a new entity of infective virus named 'the coronavirus' started doing rounds, somewhere around January on almost all news channels. None of us paid much attention to it at that time. Slowly but steadily this deadly intruder started spreading, infecting hoards of people, killing dreadfully like never before in the history of mankind. The scariest thing was its an exponential rate of spread.

                                            Gradually, it leeched all across the globe, so much so that people across the whole world were compelled to get locked down in their own houses. All that could be never expected never dreamt of in the worst nightmares began to come into reality. People were clueless about how they are supposed to digest these sudden facts. People could not meet each other dreading they would infect near ones, couldn't greet loved ones, there were thousands of stranded individuals and families all over the world. Right from the most sophisticated societies to the poorest localities, each one was equally vulnerable. Even now the confusion persists.

                                              Minds have stopped functioning properly, people are losing their patience as the days are passing, months have passed and there is no solace. It is extremely difficult to maintain mental balance amongst all this chaos. We all are now done with enjoying these unsolicited compulsive holidays. It has been almost three months or more now, people are running out of funds, some have lost hope, few have already succumbed to circumstances and lost their lives. So how do we tackle this invited situation that has arisen globally? See, the only truth that offers some repose is that whatever the prevailing or the consequences, they are being faced by the entire world and not just us.

keeping fit

                                               We need to focus solely on our assets, our basic survival instincts as we would have done in the prehistoric era. Right now survival should be our main or rather the only priority. Try to keep things as simple as you can, chalk out a 'Healthy Lifestyle Regimen'  for you and stick to it religiously. Keep your Immune system at its best. Take some vitamin C supplements or include natural immune boosters like Amla, Giloy, Basil ( Tulsi) in your food. You can visit my blog for details regarding  Ayurvedic lifestyle changes. Remain update with the latest news but that does not mean you need to watch news 24/7. In spite of everything plan your day well. Do not hesitate to explore new avenues. Learn something new every day, it might be of help later. Learn a new language for instance. Explore your skillsets and start making money, there are plenty of different ways to earn money online.

                                      There are of course a huge number of possibilities like there have always been. It's just that we had no breather to put things to a halt and look at these. Nature has provided this breather for us, and that too as an exception to its own unstoppable nature. It might look like but it is not the end of the world as yet! And even if it is meant to be, we have to keep the faith, keep battling it right till the end, isn't it? So why all the negativity, just find something to cling on to and you shall be fine, trust me. It's going to be all okay one day, we shall rejoice and be together and have fun. And there will be normalcy in life, soon.


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Meenakshi khatri - Jun 17, 2020, 1:08 PM - Add Reply

Great article..Do checkout my website to read useful and interesting blogs..

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Dr.Asmita Itkarkar - Jun 17, 2020, 2:11 PM - Add Reply

Thanks .....Meenakshi................! will surely visit your website...thanks for the appreciation.

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Dr.Asmita Itkarkar - Jun 17, 2020, 2:13 PM - Add Reply

Not able to reach your website.....dear. Can please send the link again.....

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