How life will Change in the post-pandemic world

After the end of the corona, when we will resume our daily life again, we have to take precautionary majors in all our actions. It may be morning job and breakfast at a Poha street stall, or it may be going to a party with your friends or family. In your, every action would demand a set of rules be followed in the post-pandemic world to get affected by the disease.we would have to acquire a set of habits right from our personal to professional front. Let's look at the collection of practices that we have to follow after the lockdown gets over to keep ourselves safe.


Changes on Personal Front:

No more handshakes and bear hugs.

Wash your hands and feet with soap before entering the house and asking your friends and family to do the same to avoid the spread of the Disease.

No more mixing of outside footwear and home slipper.

Daily sanitization and cleaning of all human contact surfaces and hand knobs will be an essential daily activity.

People would prefer to get home deliveries instead of visiting a laundry, beauty parlor, gym, and men's salon.

There will be no more usual shopping and cinema watching.

People will need to prioritize their finances as the financial crunch would prevail for a year and more.

Wedding, Festivals, and other gatherings will be on hold.

Changes on Professional Front:

Despite being in the same geographical location, most of the staff meetings would be taken on online platforms.

The chairs and cabins will be refabricated according to the prescribed distancing norms.

Your temperature will be checked, and your hands will be sanitized right when you enter the office building.

The attendance will soon be marked through no-touch machines, and your keyboard and mobile phones will be as personal as your handkerchiefs.


What Should we do to avoid the Disease:

It would help if you washed your hands at regular intervals and before entering your home. Always prefer washing your hands with soap instead of a hand sanitizer.

Always wear a mask whenever you move out of your house and gloves for various works.

Always throw used gloves and mask in the dustbins.

Prefer full body checkups at regular intervals.

Avoid eating fast food from street shops and only prefer eating food made at home.

Exercise one to two hours daily to keep yourself fit and increase the efficiency of your immune system so that your immune system can fight it on its own.


After all, it's a virus, and eventually, this too shall end like other pandemics(Cholera, Plaque, Ebola, Smallpox, and SARS). The economy shall bounce back in 15-188 months, and we shall be better off than we were in January 2020. Life will move on and will almost be back to normal. We will get back to partying and socializing again, giving squishy hugs. Just jeep following certain norms like wearing masks and gloves, sanitizing hands, and social distancing, will help people make their immunity strong much before we get the vaccine for it to fight the virus on our own. We shall forget this and keep moving forward.






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