Health is essential in our life to live a happy life. Whenever we become ill, we get to know the importance of is not something that can buy; we can be healthy by taking care of us at the time we are responsible for being ill. In this era, when life is so fast in this modern era, we use the phone for a long time. We become so busy using a phone that we didn't move from one place to another because of this. Our blood circulation does not happen properly.

                 We feel lethargic stressed, and because of that, we not been able to focus on our work. we didn't care what we eat, and then we complain it shouldn't happen even we are responsible for that we can be healthy we can improve health by taking the right foods and doing some exercise

Good food.

Food is like a lifeline for us, and we didn't pay heed to it. We should have known that nothing is much essential than good food. because a human body is like a machine that needs proper care to work on prominent base at times we don't care we just eat fast food that contains oil that causes skin problems heart disease etc. we didn't eat homemade in a hurry so good food is like fuel in a car the more you care about your, the more you become and remain because both differ and tough to sustain

  •           Exercise. Exercise is as essential as proper food.healthy activities ensure you're health. The more we move, the more we escape from disease. It's an essential role of health that your mind should be calm. Your stomach should be soft, and your feet should be warm. So we should keep feet's warm by doing exercise whether it's a gym yoga or even a mare will improve our overall health and immune system. we can be only healthy if we take our health as a priority of life

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