Have you heard of islands floating on water?

Have you heard of islands floating on water?

if someone asks you where you would like to visit. of course, you are imagining a foreign place. Eiffel tower, Switzerland, the statue of liberty and many more things you will imagine. but you know many things in India will surprise you. You will be forced to put your fingers in your mouth.  today in this article we will talk about one such thing, which is present in India. it is a place in North East India that has always been a centre of attraction and wonder for tourists.  They are islands floating on water.  in the local language, these islands are called Famudi.  On these islands, you will find a variety of trees, fruits, flowers, various living things.  Manipur has a world-famous lake with such islands.  It is called Loktak Sarovar.



Where is that Loktak Sarovar situated?

The lake is located about 40 km south of Imphal, as we know Imphal is the capital of Manipur.  You can see these Fumdi islands up to at least 40 square kilometres in the south-eastern part of Loktak Lake.  Resorts have also been built here for tourists to rest.  Then you can stay there and enjoy the beauty of this nature to your heart's content.



You can also see the largest floating park in this place

 It is home to the largest floating park in the world.  It is known as Kibul Lamiao National Park.  There are rare deer in this park.  These deer bark like dogs.  They are called Sangai in the local language.  The state of Manipur gets a lot of economic benefits from this Loktak lake.  At least one lakh people living in the surrounding area are running their houses on this lake.  The water of Loktak Lake is being used for drinking and a power generation project has also been implemented on the water here.  Therefore, electricity is also generated from this water.  The water is also used for irrigation of the surrounding farms.  Also, some fishermen catch fish in the lake and sell it in the surrounding area.  It is their livelihood.  In some parts of the lake, small Fumdi islands have been artificially created to raise fish.


What kind of species you can see on that island?

There are approximately 233 different species of trees on all the lakes of Loktak Lake, including more than 100 species of birds.  And more than 425 species of animals live in this family.
 If you want to visit Loktak Lake, you have to come to Imphal, the capital of Manipur.  From this city, you will find various options to visit this lake.

first, try to see good places in India then go to foreign places
our first preference to see the world, but same time we forgot there is also a good place in India to watch. so my advice you to before spending millions of rupees to see foreign tourist destinations, try these natural places in India for a few thousand rupees.  People from all over the world visit India to see it. it will save you money as well as it will be a memorable part of your life. 

Image source - thesologlobetrotter.com

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