Four Big Mistakes Students Should Avoid

Four Big Mistake

1. Incorrect Spelling :

Even though technology reviews most of our spellings for America, however, it's still one of the foremost common errors that students overlook.

The spell checkers cannot find several misspellings and are presumed to miss homonyms (like presence/presents), compound words improperly spelled as separate words, and correct nouns, specifically the names. Hence, it's best to ensure fastidiously for errors, once you run the spell checker.


2. Unnecessary use of a comma :

You may have a choice relating to where to insert the comma. But however, you will end up adding it to sentences when and where they're not needed. That way, you simply fail to keep up clarity in the text you've written.

Don't use unneeded comma that fully alters the which means of what you're truly making an attempt to convey. Don't incorporate a comma before a coordinating conjunction (and, but, so, nor, or, for, yet) once the conjunction doesn't be a part of 2 compound sentences.


3. Lack of the appropriate uses of pronoun :

Pronouns ideally should believe their antecedents in gender (female or male, if appropriate) and in range (Singular or plural). Several indefinite pronouns, like 'everyone' and 'each', are forever singular. However, such pronouns are enclosed to consider a singular antecedent to use inclusive or gender-neutral language.

When antecedents are joined by 'or' or 'nor', the pronoun must believe the nearer antecedent. A group noun like 'team' is either singular or plural, looking on whether the members are seen as individuals or a bunch.


4. Faulty Sentence structure :

If a sentence begins with a specific structure then it shifts to a different kind. it'll be confusing for the readers to know what you're attempting to convey. You must follow the correct grammatical pattern inside a sentence. Each sentence should have a verb and a subject, and also the subjects and predicates should make sense.

Parallel structures permit your reader to seek out the connection between the concepts that you've conveyed.


 These mistakes can ne'er ruin your educational prospects after you learn to spot them at the proper time.

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Wafa Saeed - Mar 16, 2020, 3:10 PM - Add Reply

Hi. Thanks for nice article.

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