Do Business Good Business

Doing a good business in society not for profit purpose but for survival in the society in the long run.

Good business brings good relationship with the customer and owner . As a owner should give a good costumer service and costumer are kings should not be a debt to the owner. 

Business men should update day by day to stay in the long run and to survive with the compitators . 

Expanding business in other area like branchs etc , Marketing is also an important thing to do. Like advertisement etc 

Business environment analysis is important not only for firms entering foreign markets for the first time, but also for firms already in international business. Since environment condition change over time forum need to continuously monitor changes in the environment and make suitable changes over time, make suitable changes in strategy.

Business is defined as a set of activistes relating to industry and commerce. When these activities are carried across the political borders of a country, it is termed as international business. The objective, function processes and technique are essentially the same wheathw a company is engaged in domestic business or international business. While the objective of both domestic business and international business is marketing profit through customer satisfaction and social welfare. What makes the latter type of business different from the former type is the likely difference in environment factor in overseas country as compared to those in the firms own country. While doing business in one own country, one is generally familiar with most of the environment factor and is able to cope with them . But the task of managing international business may not be easy, because operating in environment which are different from the domestic environment calls for extra vigilance and the company has to suitably adopt it's strategies for Business success.


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