Determination: - Way to get succeed

In this fast growing era, leading ourself is a tough kind of thing.. But not impossible.. It is possible if we put our determination into it.. Risk is called a step towards a opportunity.. N we take risks by aiming something.. That aim is achieved if we r determined enough to achieve something that we want.. So determination is the necessary thing to step towards success. 

If I share my experience, then I would like to tell that during my 10th i had no coaching no tuitions nothing.. People sarcastically said that 10th is not possible without tutions n also that i can't be able to score good percent.. But i was very much determined that i had to score good percent without tution as I couldn't afford the fees  ..  I worked very hard with complete determination.. N guess what guys I scored 91%tage and 99.53%tile.. N also secured 2nd rank in my school.

Similarly in my std 12th, as i opted for science stream.. due to high fees of tutions and coaching I couldn't afford so.. And in 12th my financial condition was worst due to installments of house loan.  So I had to left my school also n i was in search of part time earning..  Finally I got the job as an assistant in one of the schools.. So morning I used to go there and at evening time I used to study through video lectures.. I was my teacher and I only was my student.. However I used to manage with long long syllabus.. But I had a promise with myself that I had to pass my 12th boards with good percent.. At the end of the year I got my result as 78%tage.. That moment I can't explain guys was a huge proud moment for me and my parents .. Again my determination paid me.. 

This way I took risk of studying without tution and did it with my hard work and determination.. 

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