Identification of the disease

The presence of virus of this disease in the body can be assured through blood test in the laboratory.


The specific in dications of this disease include fever with:

  • Severe headache, cold and flu.
  • Pain in body, back and joints.
  • pain behind the eyes. 
  • presence of red spots on the body.

In case of serious illness, bleeding starts from different parts of body i.e. mouth, nose, et.

if there are above indications, take the patient ot nearest health centre and give him the liquids as presribed by the doctor.

precautionary Measures

  • Keep your houses and work places protected against mosquitoes. 
  • keep houses and work places airy, bright and moisture-free.
  • Fix nets on doors and windows. 
  • Wear full sleeve clothes.
  • Use mosquito nets while sleeping.
  • keep the overhead water tanks covered.
  • Empty water containers after a week, let them dry and then fill again.
  • Water should not fall from the overhead water tanks to accumulate permanently, instead dry it.
  • water should not accumulate in any case both inside or outside the house.
  • keep your houses and mohallah's clean.
  • Keep the fence and hedge boundaries duly trimmed both inside and outside the house and spray over them with insecticides, particularly in the evening. 
  • Water should not stay all the time in the flower ots, flower beds, etc. instead water them only in the morning every alternate day.

There have been a lot of people who have died this year.

Or the wars are now spreading too much in pakistan and many people are falling prey to this to it every day.

The avoid this, you have to take a lot of nap exit or spend mosquito subho time and night time.

And if you have a fever, you can use mosquitoes as much as possible. Thank you very much.

ager ap ko ager mara ya msg acha lagy to agy shar karin. 


If you want to change the color of the red color on your body you need to change your body, then either we are in or our sard is hot,

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