Can you comeback after loosing your leg and dream?

He just scored a century today. He wins an important match for his team and there is no way to choose a man of the match other than him. He is very happy with himself and after a celebration with his team members, he decides to leave the field. One of his colleagues gives him a ride to his home. He sits just behind the bike as a passenger and the bike is in its full speed as the speed of warm blood that is flowing through their veins in joy at that time. They are talking with each other about the match. Till that everything is going well... They are crossing a bridge and suddenly the bike gets imbalanced and it hits the nearby railing. The two young passengers fall apart. The blood is coming out from their body and every pedestrian present there knows that it is an accident.

They were taken to the hospital and after the close observation from the doctors, they decided to separate the right leg from the passenger as it was too dangerous for his life. The operation was successful and he lost his leg after scoring a century. Suvro Joarder lost his leg in the bike accident and India lost one of his talented young cricketers. Everything was so joyful a few days back was become the darkest dream of his life. The allrounder learned that there is no difference between life and cricket. On one hand it gives you all and on the other hand, it takes all from you. After that, no one remembers this guy and his memory disappears with time from all known to him...

Today Indian world cup team was declared and the players who may be selected were all in tension. The names declared as per the schedule and the team was handed over to the captain. With everyone's surprise, he was walking straight and took the captainship of the team. His one leg was made of steel and he was a blade runner now. Yes, Suvro Joarder became the captain of the Indian disables world cup team. Yes as you know cricket takes all in one hand and it returns on another hand also. You need to patient and have to work hard. He was another Bengali to remember after Saurav Ganguly who led his country in world cup from India. Almost all the cricket lovers knew Saurav Ganguly for him come back but history knows Bengali's are known for comebacks and Suvra Joarder is an addition to this.

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Bhupendra Dewangan - Dec 2, 2019, 8:17 PM - Add Reply

Very nice bro...

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