Best 10 Ways to protect against hackers


Hacker are the scary bunch-whether working as part og an organized unit or an idealist with a political agenda, they have got the  knowledge and the power  to access your most precious data.if hacker want  to target a particular compony, for example , they can find vast amounts of information on that componyjust by searching on the web.They Can then use that info to Exploit weakness in the compony's security,which in turn puts the data you have entrusted to that compony in jeopardy.

We Have got  10 Ways to beat you:

  1. Update your OS and other software frequently,if not Automatically.This keeps Hackers from Accessing your computer through Vulnerabilities in out dated program.
  2. Download up-to-date security program,including anti-malware software with multiple Technologies for protecting against spyware,Ransomware,and exploit, as well as a firewall, if your OS didn't come pre-packaged with it.
  3. Destroy all traces of your personal info on hardware you plan on selling.Consider Using d-ban to erase your hard drive.For those looking to pillage your recycled devices,this makes information much more difficult to recover.
  4. Do not use Open Wi-Fi on Your router; it make it too easy for threat actors to steal your connection and download illegal file.Protect your Wi-Fi with an Encrypted Password,and consider refreshing your equipment every few years.
  5. Speaking of password: password protect all of your devices, including your Desktop, laptop, tablet, Cameras, get the idea.The ubiquality of mobile devices make them especially vulnerable.Lock your Phone and make the timeout fairly short.Use Fingerprint lock for the Iphone and passkey or Swipe for Android.
  6. Sensing a Pattern Here?: Create difficult passwords,and never use the same ones across multiple services.if that's as painful as a stake to a vampire's heart, use a passwod manager like LastPass or 1Password.For extra hacker protection , ask about two-step authentication.
  7. Come Up with creative answers for your security questions.people can now figure out your mother's maiden name or where you graduated from high school with a simple google search.Consider answering like a crazy person.
  8. Practice smart emailing.Phishing campaigns still exist,but cybrcriminals have become much cleaver than that Nigerian prince who needs youe money.Hover over links to see their actual URLs.Also check to see if the email is really from a person or compony claiming to have sent it.
  9. Some Website will ask you to sign with a specific service to access features or post a comment.ensure the login option isn't a sneaky phish,and if you're giving permission to an app to perform a task,ensure you know how to revike access once you no longer need it.
  10. Keep sensitive data off the Cloud. "No matter which way you cut it,data stored on the cloud doesn't belong to you," say taggert."There are very few cloud storage solutions that offer encryption for 'data at rest.'Use the cloud accordingly.if it's important,don.

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