Article Forge Review | Complete Analysis | Advantages and Disadvantages | Website Content Writer 2020

Article Forge

Article Forge Complete Review | Complete Analysis | Advantages and Disadvantages | Website Content Writer 2020

I recently encountered a promising website content writer tool and decided to use the trial choice to write this text Forge Review.

You may already hear content is king phrase. It's documented that quality content is essential if you would like to rank in Google and other search engines.

Sites that get regularly updated with high-quality content tend to rank higher as their content is shared more often, backlinks start pouring, and Google Algorithms recognizes it as a valuable website.

Creating top-quality content has always been a challenge for bloggers and website owners because it can take much research and time.

Most bloggers do research and writer their own content. More prominent companies and webmasters with extra money hire people to write down content mentioned is standard them.

Some even outsource it to freelancers using services like iWriter. All of the mentioned are standard and efficient methods.

If you're running an internet site or website and need them to rank higher in SERP, you would like the content. Tons of content. And writing content takes time.

But people always search the way to say before competitors and adopt future technologies for content writing, saving time and money.

This is where tools like Article Forge are available. They promise us shiny new things. But we all realize it isn't always so peachy.

Article Forge is presented as an internet site content writer tool that whole writer articles for you. You only got to input keywords, and a couple of moments later, you've got freshly "baked" content.

It uses fancy algorithms and provides you new articles within minutes. The article isn't just worded nd placed to form sense but also pass Copyscape and other plagiarism detectors.

So, Article Forge isn't just a spinning tool, but your personal writer. This all sounds amazing. Is Article Forge really subsequent big thing?

Can it's the most straightforward tool for high-quality content in minutes without the necessity to write down anything or hire expensive writers?

I have tested for five days free trial extensively, and you'll check below Article Forge review to ascertain it is worth some time and money.

Article Forge Best Content Writer? Complete Review

When you put a keyword, Article Forge reads many articles, learning everything it must realize that topic to write down content in its own words.

Basically, it scrapes content online then spins that content, paragraphs, sentences, etc. and writes each sentence in its own words producing non-duplicate content.

Article Forge can automatically add relevant titles, videos, and pictures to each article it writes if you enable that option. It also can add links automatically.

Using Article Forge article creator tool is extremely easy. It's web-based, so you don't go to download or install anything.

Just register an account and begin your 5-day trial. Be noted you'll get to input your MasterCard details. If using PayPal, you'll still get to put MasterCard details.

You will not be charged anything if you cancel while trial at last. Also, it seems sometimes they invite photo ID if they believe your info could also be fraudulent.

So once you start the trial, don't ditch it as later their system will recognize that you simply already used it if you are trying to make a replacement account (they check IP and other data).

When checking Article Forge 2.0, I see that regarding the account menu dashboard, nothing has changed; you continue to have options to a left side menu, which consists of the latest Article, My Article, WordPress, Post Scheduler, API Information, and Affiliates.

What is new in Article Forge 2.0?

Article Forge can now generate unique content in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

You can perfectively tool to see for spelling and grammar mistakes in content generated by Article Forge.

When you want to make a replacement article, you only click on New Article, where you'll be presented with options to start out content creation.


Article Forge 

To create a piece of writing, you would like to input the keyword. If you would like, you'll also input sub-keywords, which is suggested.

Below you can choose your content readability. For money sites, it's recommended to use Money Site Filter Setting and leave it at its default setting.

Article Forge also supports Tier 1 and Tier 2 content options with nested spintax, which will be used across many sites.

If you would like, you will click Toggle advanced options to customize how your article gets written in article forge by setting additional options like Number of Sentence Variations, Number of Paragraphs Variations, and to toggle on or off Shuffle Sentences and Paragraphs.

Article lengths are often set to 50, 200, 500, or 700 words. Unfortunately, you can't set to quite 750 words. This is something that hasn't change.

You can also enable the choice to feature titles and headings, set images and video adding probability, or replace keywords with links.

Embedded videos are chosen from YouTube, and pictures are going to be hard-linked to content at If you opt to exchange keywords with links, you'll get to create a replacement group.

Keywords Links Replacement

Article Forge


If you would like to use Copyscape to see if the received article is exclusive, you'll enter your username and API key. To use WordAi for extra rewriting, you'll input your WordAi email and API key.

Article Forge offers only integration with WordAi because it's a tool from an equivalent developers' team. Because of that, there's no option for Spin Rewriter or the other content spinner.

When all set, click Create New Article button. Article Forge will then start to try to its job gathering content and mixing it up to deliver unique and human-readable content.

Depending on which article-length option you select, this will take a short time. Up to five minutes or even more.

I always presume that it longer it takes the higher. That should mean that the article forge is really working hard to deliver quality content and not just spitting some crap in a concise time.


I made extensive testing of Article Forge 2.0 and may say that it's better than the version I tested in 2017 but still doesn't provide good quality content whenever.

Generated articles are still sometimes unrelated to your keyword, and don't add up. Articles in many cases start good but endways entirely other topic or mix topics.

Often wrong information will be stated. This can be easily seen in a different product review that has various specifications, uniqueness, etc.

It all depends on the sub-keyword. I managed to urge in 70% of cases of quality content once I used adequate sub-keywords (there is a video tutorial about this once you log to Article Forge account).

You still go to add a couple of adjustments and corrections to the text in most cases. I must admit that Article Forge 2.0 is much better now. I highly suggested you're taking a 5-days trial option and see if Article Forge is some things you'd have use of.

Article Forge Price

Currently, the worth for Article Forge is $324 if you accompany the annual plan $77 if you opt to pay monthly. These are new prices.

Previously, the price of Article Forge was $297 if you go with the annual plan or $47 if you decided to pay monthly. But it seems despite that on the official page there's new pricing once I created a replacement account for testing purposes, I used to be still presented with old pricing plans.

There's a five day free trial for Article Forge, but you are doing got to provide MasterCard information upfront. You will be billed after the trial expires if you don't explicitly cancel.

You can also use the money-back guarantee within 30 days. So, you'll get your refund immediately if you don't find this website content writer tool worthy.

Article Forge Price

                                               Take Your Free Trial

Be noted that the money-back guarantee works as long as you used Article Forge to make but ten articles.

Article Forge Advantages and Disadvantages

Every tool has its pros and corns; the article forge is also not excluded from it. The following are some pros and cons of Article Forge.

Article Forge Advantages:

  • Videos, images, external links, etc. are added to the articles.
  • Create an unlimited number of articles.
  • It can be integrated with WordAi.
  • It has a trial option.
  • You can schedule articles time and publish on your WordPress Sites on the selected time.
  • Easy to use.

Article Forge Disadvantages:

  • The maximum word limit is 750 words.
  • It generates sometimes irrelevant content to the topic.
  • It still needs more improvement, but it's much better than the version from 2017.

Click here to visit Article Forge Official Website

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