8 things that we have to learn from Kane Williamson.

Kiwi is the national bird of New Zealand. Because of that, The New Zealand cricket team is also known as the Kiwis.  The New Zealand team gave cricket many veteran players. From Stephen Fleming to Chris Cranes. Every player plays his role in the team's needs, believing that he will be their captain.  Naturally, the feeling that we are someone bigger than the captain is never seen in these New Zealand players.  The captain of this team is just as talented.  Be it Stephen Fleming or Daniel Vettori.  Or the current Kiwi captain Ken Williamson.  Everyone is just as talented.

Today we are going to talk about the current captain of the Kiwis, Ken Williamson.  The various aspects of Ken Williamson's personality at the 2019 World Cup were truly admirable.  New Zealand, who have never won a World Cup before, was expected to do so this time.  One of the biggest reasons for this hope was the leadership of Ken Williamson.  The maturity of his behavior at the age of thirty does not have people in their sixties.  Ken Williamson, Everyone from children to adults, should take a closer look at the following things.  And we need to emulate these qualities wherever we need them in our field.

Kane williamson
1. When the whole world thinks you are going to lose, the fighting spirit is shown. No cricket expert said that New Zealand would reach the final of this World Cup. In the semi-finals between India and New Zealand, if anyone had asked who would win, the answer would have been 100 percent, that is, India.  But this Kane lied to everyone who thought so.  And Kane cleverly took the match out of India's hands, which seemed to be an easy victory for India.

2. The role of restraint shown in such adverse conditions. In such a situation, any leader will be free to lay down his arms.  His desire to fight will end.  But Kane stood up and gave confidence to the team.  And the team also played the right role under his guidance

3.  Kane put his full trust in everyone who was a colleague.  In fact, except Kane, no other batsman was in form.  However, when the time came, he turned the match around on his own, but nowhere did he say that his teammates would lose their morale.  So his team always felt united.

4.  Strong role was taken at the right time.  He made a very bold decision to play them when no one from Ross Taylor to Guptill was in form until the final over of the match was given to Bolt.  And his colleagues supported him wholeheartedly.

5.  Accurate strategy for the competitor.  The tactics of the bowling, while the batsmen were stumbling, were amazing.

6.  The sincerity is shown till the end, along with the strategy that has been decided.  There was no movement on his face while doing this.

7.  Kane set an example to the world of how to be a captain.

8.  Nowhere was the haste, the pride seen in Kane's behavior when he won.  And even after losing the last big match, the expression on his face was calm.

Image source - newindianexpress.com

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