7 steps of success

There is no U-turn in life. We neither have a forward button nor a rewind button to go backward in the past or walk forward to the future. We have to live in the present, whether we like it or don't. The fact is, our past actions make our present, and our present actions are going to decide our future. So Let's understand the 7 steps of success. 

1.Desire :

your success is dependent on the intensity of your desire. All success stories begin with desire. A burning desire makes you 100%committed to your goal.


The next step is determination. It makes us strong to face all the hurdles and challenges in our way to our goal. It is one of the important keys to success. 

3.Efforts :

Effort in the right direction makes you better every moment. It takes you near to your goal. It is the bridge between you and your goal. The effort will make you a worthy person. It enhances your value and the best part is - the effort is free, 

4.Firmness :

In the journey to achieve our goal, we might face many problems, setbacks. Firmness makes you strong to fight against any challenge. It will never deviate you from your goal.

5.Consistency :

Our goals can be achieved by perseverance. It builds a good habit. Good habits make great actions. Great actions lead to success. 

6.Concentration :

It is a great ability. You should be able to focus completely on your aim. No attractions will come in your way if you are focused. Your concentration can see many hidden opportunities, it can solve many difficult problems. 


Studies have shown that gratitude leads to well being and happiness. Gratitude will melt your ego and makes you more polite. Gratitude is the sense of your limitations and abandoned love and support from nature, family, and society who has helped you to achieve your goal

You cannot regain the lost energy and time. You are the decision-maker of your life. Never lose hopes in life. We can control outside enemies but we always have to fight enemies that are inside us. Those enemies are negativity, laziness, procrastination, ego, anger, and fear. We must try to control them. 

Extreme emotions make our life disturb. You can not focus on your goal. You must try to balance your life. 

You should not lose your confidence. Remember, no problem exists without a solution. Anu=y problem can be solved with the help of money, time or person.

Turn a problem into an opportunity. Every problem teaches you something. Have a high aim.

"Not failure but low aim is a crime."

Be fearless. Have the courage to look ahead, move ahead. Have patience. Be self-reliant. 

Multiply your virtues and divide your vices. Learn from everyone, every situation. 

Train your mind to change your brain. Success is no coincidence it is the by-product of your attitude. The road to success and the road to failure almost exactly the same. The only difference is when you give up you don't reach your destination. 

Last words :

"The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.-

Winston Churchill

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Manjiri Karekar - Feb 17, 2021, 2:00 PM - Add Reply

nice one !

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