5 Most Addictive Games that can make you Violent


Age Limit: 16+

Information: Best Graphic Battle Royale game.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Stadia

Genre: Battle Royal

Pros: In this game, you are trading your device’s memory for high-quality graphics. It costs you a specific amount on PC but is free on your mobile. It provides a good gaming experience. This game has got such good graphics that you start experiencing the virtual world. 

 Cons: This game is highly addictive and playing this for hours can be harmful to not just the gamer but also the people around him. The game itself might not be very violent but it shows a very noticeable effect on the gamer’s brain. The gamer feels as if the game is still going on and might act idiotically. 

A gamer might even do actions that he wouldn’t do under normal circumstances and might not even realize it. It also is a massive data eater. May even eat Gigs of data in no time. Initially, it will show low storage requirements but gradually it will expand. Be cautioned about using the wrong server as it may lag your computer.

Garena Free Fire:

Age Limit: 12+

Information: Most popular Battle Royale game.

Platforms: Android, iOS

Genre: Battle Royal

Pros: This game occupies very low space. Unlike PUBG you wouldn’t realize that the game is there on your phone in the modern days where phones are 200gb massive storage having drives. Supports many older versions of android and iOS devices, like an android KitKat old. 

Cons: The game is a massive data eater and is very low-quality graphics. After all, there is nothing like a perfect game, you always trade something in return for a good experience.


Age Limit: 12+

Information: Cartoonish Battle royal

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, iOS, Android

Genre: Battle Royal

Pros: It is a combination of Minecraft and PUBG. In this game, you can build walls, Staircases, house. It is updated very frequently. This game has a lot of game modes

Cons: It will eat all of your data without having mercy. This game is highly addicting. This game needs a lot of space. Does not have very good graphics. It is not found on the play store so you need to download it from the website if you are an android user.

Call of Duty: 

Age Limit: 16+

Information: A Multiplayer Shooter game.

Platforms:  Android, iOS

Genre: Shooter (Multiplayer)

Pros: Interesting game that can engage you for hours. It has high graphics compared to free fire and fortnight.

Cons: Cost = storage( more than 1 Gb of it), just like all the other games don’t install this if you have network issues if you don't have network problems then install this game and you will end up using all your data.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Age Limit: 18+

Platform: PlayStation 2 , Microsoft Windows , Xbox ,Mac OS X , iOS , Android ,Windows Phone ,Fire OS ,Xbox 360,PlayStation 3

Genre - Action-adventure

Pros: Haven't been able to find any good points of this game but it’s on the list because it's popular.Seems to be the only offline game.

Cons: The most space taking game on this list. And is very low on graphics. This game is a super storage eater with no will to spare space for any other game. Also, this game is not free.

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