12 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Indian culture, about eating habits in this  pandemic era

It is a straightforward thing for how to eat. Still, in this time of the machine era, people forget about these habits and rituals; they tend to eat unhealthy stuff and try to eat in a harmful way, so humans must follow rituals of eating according to Indian culture so that they can create a healthy habit.

In the pandemic era, everyone pays attention toward getting a healthy lifestyle which is disease-free but if you want to plump your immune system should be strong which depends on the way of eating so proper eating habits should be their which helps to enhance your immune system, 

eating together is an essential thing as to sit down on the floor which is called Bharatiya baithak. Still, nowadays it is getting replaced by a table and chair which called a dining table. In the old days, Indians use charanga for sitting on for guests of honor. Still, this ritual exists. The guest of honor is situated in the front seat of the dining table.

Some important habits before you start your meal according to Indian culture.

1.wash your hands, feet, and mouth before sitting on the food table 

2.in the past it is advisable to wear solve Indian wear, but in the natural language, it is mean that you should wear clean and neat clothes before you start eating 

3.if guests come, tell them first to eat, and then you begin because each Indian religion is based on Atithi Devo bhava, which means guests are god.

4.keep it slow ask whatever you want is the right way to serve. 

5.dont drink while eating. You can drink water before half-hour of your meal or after one hour. Because water Can dilute your digestive juices, which help for digestion, don't lay down while drinking water.

6.almighty gods name should be mentioned before, and after the meal, it increases spirituality in your mind 

7.choose size of your feed such that no single thing remains in your dish because it is a bad habit in Indian culture to wast food. Always eat with your right hand. in India, left eating with the left side is considered a dirty or unclean thing. You can use the left side for serving dishes or passing something.

8.when you visit someones home for dinner or lunch praise them and whatever you don't like to keep it in mind 

9.indians do not generally use cutlery for eating even in restaurants or in big hotels. They want to eat rice or other things with their fingers. In India, most the people something that if you eat with your hand, it becomes more delicious.

10.when you are in pangas, which is a Sanskrit word, in a row or inline for eating even if you complete your meal, wait for others to finish.

11. asking for more food is generally Indian tradition to show care affection and respect, so don't argue or disobey if a person forces you to eat more food you eat shows how the food is, whether it is delicious or not.

12.last but not least, don't discuss anything or talk while eating. Complete your meal with a positive mind and praise and be thankful god for such excellent food.

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