10 best places to visit after coronavirus

The 10 best and colourful places to visit after the global pandemic is over:


The ocean full of algae in Sicily screams for romantic attention

Sicily is on the top of the list because of its opportunities and aspects. It's both romantic for couples and comfortable for children. It's can be said that this place is the paradise for photographers. We all know the legendary movie series- The Godfather Trilogy was shot and originates from the lands of Sicily. So to visit such a place would be a feast for movie connoisseurs too.


Islands of Hawaii

Missing Hawaii in this list would be of great shame. Hawaii was one of the best tourist visiting places in the world. The Pacific brings out the surfer's spirit in many people. The islands of Hawaii have lots of places to discover and people love to travel. So Hawaii has to earn the 2nd place on the list.


Who doesn't know about the beautiful opera house in the lands of Australia? Here they have everything from the oceans to the desert and rocks. The animal attractions are the biggest turnons for visiting Australia. Kangaroos, koalas, kiwis and so much else is there to visit this wonderful place.


Boy, oh boy it would be miserable mistake to not include the beautiful lands of Jamaica to the list of traveling after this isolation. The. Rasta culture invites all to the lands of their unique heritage. Jamaica has many secrets and the best way to unveil them is to visit them yourself.

5. Japan

Japan, the land of ultimate culture and heritage. It's the land where the culture meets perfection. Japan is hands down one of the most beautiful places on earth and the places to visit in Japan are uncountable. Japan has the perfect weather to freshen up the mood after this pandemic with this fresh scent of gods in the air.

6. Bali

Bali is hands down another beautiful place to visit in the world. From its hot geyser waters to chilly winds blowing over at night it has the diverse weather condition. Natural flora and fauna in Bali are widely available and it's vast so for animal and plant lovers it is paradise, let us not for our photographer friends who cherish these moments to click some of the most beautiful objects in the world, so Bali is one of them.

7. India

What can I say, India is one of the most diverse hotspots in the world, from its extremely chilly mountains in the north to hot and humid Indian Ocean in the south, India is the land of great culture and diversity. It is a great place to visit after the global pandemic and rest the mind.

8. Greece


From the oceans to have the one of the seven wonders in their lands Greece is one of the best places to visit in the world. Greece has a great amount of visiting places that include the magnificent Colosseum. It is the sea that brings out the lovers in the broken spirits that what makes the Greek air so special.

9. London

Never saw Big Ben? Well, this is a perfect time. London the land of the English is both a great place of tourist attraction and friendly people there to make the mood freshen up after this period of lockdown. From the biggest clock to the biggest Ferris wheel and it doesn't end there. The land of kings and queens and get to see the legendary palace with own eyes is magnificent.

10. France

The land of lovers Paris, the Eiffel tower the masquerade theatre all lies in the lands of France. The chilly weather will require some of the summer hue gone and layers to comprehend. It's a great place for romantic evenings and food is the thing that keeps France alive. France is one of the chosen lands of greatest food available for crazy foodies out there.

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