YouTube Vs Blogging: Which One you'll Make More Money?



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I have over 4-years of experience writing on my blog and over 3 years of experience being on YouTube. I feel this makes me eligible to answer this question. YouTube and Blogging are completely various things and have a very similar business model. Most people believe that Blogging is dead, and the video goes to require its future, which isn't true; unless and until one person is checking out something on the web, blogging isn’t dead.


My YouTube channel has over 4.5K subscribers and is monetized within the 2nd month of 2020; it made me over $500, but making money through YouTube isn’t the sole perk, but you get benefits promoting your brand and may get sponsored deals. YouTube is additionally the second most famous program, so you get the advantage of that thing too.


Blogging, Making Money, And Writing:

A blog or website is where you write content or articles and publish them — upon publishing, and it's able to available to thousands of individuals. You'll optimize it for the program and obtain evergreen traffic.


How you create money from a blog? It's easy, you create money somehow, but running pay-per-click (PPC) ads and affiliate marketing are the two most used methods by bloggers to form money through their blog.


Blogging takes time. Therefore, the age of your blog and the backlinks matters tons to getting ranked in search engines. Albeit blogging may be a long-game, still it's worth playing. Writing itself is lucrative. Once you write on something, you get a far better idea; the ideas in your mind transform into a shape. Your ideas get more clear. this is often why writing online may be a privilege. You'll also make money writing in a range of various ways.


You don’t need a blog to form money writing: There are tons of web sites where you don’t get to pay anything but to write down great stories; one among the location is Medium; you'll make money writing on Medium by just writing about your favorite subject and join Medium Partner program, Medium pay you for Medium-member read time, it takes $5/month of investment to be a part of the Medium Membership and portion of your $5 will goes to those writers who you read the content of.


Blogging changed tons in recent times. The evolution of a free-blogging platform is one of its silver linings.

I have remodeled $15K as a student blogging on my blog. I'm living in a third-world country, and this amount of cash is much enough to measure an honest life, and even you'll buy nice gifts for your girlfriend.


Following are a number of the pros of blogging:

You can transform your thoughts into a shape. You get more knowledge by sharing it.

You can build a community that supported the subject you're writing.

You can make money. There are over many ways through which you'll make money through your blog.


Every blog post you write maybe a mini-product, that product generates money and influence for years.

Your blog is like your book; it takes time to publish over 200,000 words about the subject of your interest.

For my blog, the CPM usually ranges from $4 to $7, depending upon the year's season.

Being a YouTube Creator, the longer term, Making money and, therefore, the scope of being a YouTube creator.

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YouTube Vs. Blogging on behalf of me gets more clear once I started being a YouTube creator. It takes time to create your audience on YouTube, especially if you're a replacement YouTuber.


YouTube may be a great platform; it’s free. It's a built-in audience like all other platforms; video advertising is on the increase, and corporations pay a high CPM on video ads, which in-term means extra money.


Pre-2017, you only need to make a YouTube channel. Directly, your channel started making money, but now, you would like over 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers to be eligible for YouTube monetization. On YouTube, you get the chance to form your face a brand. People start recognizing you due to that, you get invitations for events and obtain sponsored deals.


A single view is matters too. Yes, that one viewer might be your subscriber who will watch your content for years. It's like building a community. I even have mentioned the word “Community” in Blogging, also as YouTube. A community is what matters tons.


Almost every social media website features a “Community” feature. Facebook has Facebook Groups, Instagram has Instagram Groups, Quora has Quora Spaces, Twitter has the Twitter list, Medium has Medium Publications, then on… this is often why you would like to create a community.


Some pros of being a video creator on YouTube:

Good for branding. For branding purposes, being a video creator is > then a blogger on a blog or a platform like Medium or Quora.

Make Money: One of the side-effects of getting famous on YouTube is that you make money in several ways.


Built-in traffic: YouTube is the world's second-most program and has over 2-billion userbase. You'll reach many people by making videos on YouTube.

For my YouTube videos, the CPM ranges from $10 to $14, which suggests that YouTube is paying me more compared to a blog, albeit AdSense is running ads on YouTube also like a blog, but due to the kinds of ads, YouTube gives me a far better CPM.

I hope this helps.

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