Hey, John earned 3,000 dollars just from YouTube within a month you can also try just go and make a channel after this John immediately makes a YouTube channel with the way that he can also earn that much money as his friend. Still, I don't know the reality that his friend is just making a fool of him after making hundreds of videos and wasting thousands of hours he gets bored with it. Friends, I am telling the boy story just because I want to tell you that there is no shortcut in life you have to do a lot to become a successful YouTuber do you know that if your channel gets 100000 likes, then your daily earning is just 300 rupees. For that, you need to get dark circles on your eyes, friends. I am not demotivating you; I am just telling you the truth. If you think that you have excellent skills and you then you can be a good YouTuber, later you can try here. I am giving you just a few tips about starting your own YouTube channel with a high yield. They are                                          1) education this is a field where you will get a good number of views and where you can make long time videos so that several ads can be fitted in that particular video. I think you are a good teacher then just kickstart without waiting for anything.                2) destruction videos this field doesn't need that much time to get famous. Here you can make videos of destroying something that gives relaxation to human eyes as well as the human brain also. There is less competition also in this field.                                   3) roasting videos. This field has a lot of competition but if you think you have a good sense of humor, then you can be the next pewdiepie or carryminati or the first you. So without warring time, just go and make your first video because well begun is half done.      4) motivation videos this channel gets verified in a little time. If you have taken part in elocution competitions in your school or college life and if you're a good speaker, then you can try this.

5) business if you are a good businessman and you know about all the odds and evens of business, then you can instruct others about the right business strategies. A lot of people are in search of such kind of channels.

Friends go in the desired channel type, but don't waste your time in those fake YouTube videos about earning lakhs within a minute or hour.

Also, I would like to Warn you about those trading apps where you can earn lakhs just by guessing fun. In these APPS if you invest a single dollar don't expect to get it back ever.

The reality is that there is no shortcut in life.

There is no shortcut in life.


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Md. Mohidul Haque Khan - Apr 13, 2020, 4:55 PM - Add Reply

Good advices, thank you but you could use "<br>" tag for line break.

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