Wrong methods of ear cleaning which is the leading cause of deafness

One of the most important part of the human body is the ear, which is the part of our head that we hear. We all know that. What can be the discomfort of the life after being deprived of it, and the good of listening ampairs our ability to listen fully?

Stitch pen to the ear with the tip of a pensil or a paper wick. Some do this when they feel itchy or painful but often get used to it. It's like having a nail or chewing a hair. The method we used to get rid of atrial mail can affect hearing and eventually dissipate.

According to medical researchers, improper cleaning of the ear can damage the membranes and small organs of the ear, resulting in the flow of fluid into the inner part of the ear. Such a person can get dizzy and arrive at a time when he loses his hearing. Insecure refers to the cleaning of the tip of a pen or pin, which can damage the outer membrane of the ear and cause infection.

According to medical experts, the ear manage to clean itself.However the outer and upper skin can be washed and cleaned with a soft cloth.Researchers point out that when we move our jaws to chew an object, one should not naturally try to leave the earth or the earth towards the outside of the ear today. When it comes to the outside of the ear, you can moisten and remove a clean cloth.Cotton seams are frequent, as they can cause certain material to returns inside the ear and cause infection.This stitch can also damage the headphones and small bones.

A certain amount of water is also purified by pouring water into the mine. However, after that, the ear must be completely dry. Otherwise it can cause, infection.Daily water drainage is also dangerous.This should be done when you feel needy.


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