Why Sana Khan married an ordinary man Maulana Mufti

 Sana Khan marries Maulana Mufti

Sana khan with her husband Sana khan with her husband 



Sana khan married maulana mufti Anas.

Salman Khan's co-star and Bigg Boss runner-up Sana Khan recently took a big decision. His decision surprised everyone. Sana Khan had recently decided to leave the film industry and walk on the path of religion, his decision had a lot of reaction.


Now Sana Khan has once again surprised everyone. Actually Sana Khan is married to Maulana Mufti Anas living in Gujarat. Sana Khan has married Maulana Mufti Anas, whose video is being very viral on the Internet. Photos and videos of Sana Khan's marriage are becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. In the video, Sana Khan and Mufti Anas are seen in a white color outfit. Sana Khan is seen cutting the cake in the video. The actress looks very beautiful in this video. On the marriage of Sana Khan and Mufti Anas, people are congratulating them.


 Why she decided to marry:


Sana Khan has given information about leaving the film industry a few days ago by writing a post. He wrote: "This life is actually to improve the life after death. And it will be better when the man lives according to the spades of his creator and not just for the sake of wealth and fame. Instead of escaping the life of crime, I should protect humanity. That is why today I proclaim that from today onwards, I will leave my 'showbiz' (film industry) life to take care of humanity and to take care of my producer I strongly intend. "Sana Khan further wrote in her post:" I request all my brothers and sisters to pray for me to make Allah Ta'ala bless my Taubah.


According to the orders of the Spaniards, and in the face of humanity, spend your life to spend life and above all you have to do it. He further wrote in his post, "Finally I request all my brothers and sisters not to give me a party for any work of 'showbiz'. Thank you very much."


Bollywood actress Sana Khan is married to Maulam Mufti living in Gujarat. She told a post a few days ago that she is leaving Bollywood and wants to walk completely on the path of Islam. That is why he is married to Maulan Mufti who recites the Namaz and is referring to Allah at all times.


About Sana khan

Sana Khan is an Indian actress, model and dancer. Sana initially started her career with modeling and then entered the media through advertising and feature films. She has acted in South Indian film, commercial on television and television reality shows.


 Sana Khan KQ was born on 21 August 1987 (now aged 33) in Mumbai. Sana Khan's full name is Sana Khan only. His mother's name is Saida. Sana Khan has been given the Stardust Award for Judgment Presentation.

Bio of Sana Khan:

 Full Name: Sana Khan

 Length: 1.56m

 Parents: Saida

 Nomination: Stardust Award - Breakthrough Performance - Female

Sana khan,s all movies: 

Sana Khan's first movie "Ehi Hai High Society" was released in Hindi language in 2005. This was followed by a film called "E" in Tamil language in 2006, "Bombay" in Hindi language in 2009, "Jai Ho" in 2011 with Salman Khan (in Hindi) and 2016 with "Rea Tum Ho" in Hindi language. In which Sana Khan got the role of "Siya".

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