Why Philadelphia Eagles is the best: Team's History and Success

As we enter our third season, it is time to look back at some major milestones that have made this team a perennial Super Bowl champion. It would be a mistake not to do so, as they were the first NFL football team to win three consecutive games in the same year (1937-1938 and 1938-1939), becoming only the second American Football League team ever to do so. They also won their four Super Bowl titles during what was called the "Golden Era" of Philadelphia Eagles football. In addition, they are one of only three teams to have been named after an NBA basketball player, most notably with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Hall of Fame induction. While there are many other notable accomplishments from the club, including winning five championships, the ones listed below are key ones that helped propel them to superstardom.

Superb QB Joe Namath - The First Quarterback To Be Named Most Valuable Player by the National Football League, He is considered the greatest quarterback in the league's history and has the most Super Bowl wins among quarterbacks in NFL history. His career has spanned over two decades as he played for both the New York Jets & Philadelphia Eagles but has mostly focused on his time with the New York Giants. He started out playing for the Giants before switching to the Eagles when Tom Landry retook the reins in 1988 and led the organization to its first Super Bowl appearance in 38 years. However, the rest of his professional career saw him play for the Chargers, Raiders, Broncos, Cardinals, Titans, Bills, Chiefs and Packers. He retired from football in 1990 with 15 Lombardi Trophies with the Giants.

 The Hopes with the Philadelphia Eagles

 The Franchise Is Consistently On Top Of Their Game, There is no doubt about it, the Philadelphia Eagles can beat anyone in the world when it comes to games. During their illustrious run as the best franchise in America, they have played six Super Bowls and eight divisional playoffs, beating the likes of the Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, and Chicago Bears. This makes the Eagles one of the most consistent teams in sports history, regardless of how many different games they might get to play this season. Even though they are heading into the 2023 season with a lot of young talent who are still trying to find their feet, they will still make history on January 27th, as they become just the fifth franchise in NFL history to have won every game they have played since opening day.

 The Winning Division In Sports Has Ever Been Played With The Eagles being number one on the AFC East title game bracket, it would never be possible without the defense. The Eagles have done something truly remarkable in recent history, having gone undefeated in 11 of 13 matchups on the road over the past few seasons. That streak ended up being broken in 2018 as they lost 10 straight home games before finally losing in 2020. Despite coming into the regular season with numerous injuries, they were able to hold steady until late November, which included a 4-3 loss to Kansas City in October. After regaining their form in mid-season, they did a stellar job rolling through the playoffs and going 8-0 in their last seven playoff games.

One Of The Highest Paid Football Teams Of All Time, The Eagles were officially paid $1.4 billion dollars in total in 2021. Their base salary was $1.1 billion, while signing bonus payments were $1.4 billion. Not only that, but the Eagles took home 18 total draft picks this off-season, bringing in more than half a million dollars a player. This means they have given away over 2.1 million players in free agency since the 2019 season. These players have contributed immensely to this club, especially during the Golden Era, as many of these moves have added tremendous value to the overall roster. The highest-drafted player in the NFL was Jaylen Hurts of Alabama, who was picked No. 29 overall in 2017. He appeared in all 23 games during the 2021 season, posting a 602.2 yards per punt return average and 3.5 touchdowns. Also, if you’re looking for a veteran quarterback, then Jaylen Hurts is definitely worth your consideration. He was voted to the Pro Bowl twice during his time with the Eagles, making the final cut in 2016 after leading the entire league in tackles and sacks for the previous two seasons combined. Another big name in the franchise’s history would be Jaylen Hurts. With his passing ability and mobility, he proved himself to be a very effective quarterback during his college career, helping lead Alabama to the national championship in 2008.

 The Best Choice in NFC

The Eagles Are One Step Away From Being Forfeited For Home Field Advantage Over The next couple of years, the Eagles have a chance to go toe-to-toe against the NFC’s top team, the Washington Redskins, as well as the defending champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both those teams have had impressive records over the past few seasons, making sure to build off each other’s strong performances by taking advantage of any opportunities they could. With the Eagles being the #1 seed in the NFC, they could easily put themselves on the map come Sunday in 2022.

 The Eagles are currently ranked sixth in terms of total points scored and seventh in points allowed, respectively. They are fourth in total offense, scoring over 39 points per game, while allowing under 30 points. If you look at their numbers over the past decade, they are still ahead of the pack in this category as they have averaged 43.3 points per game, while holding opponents to 30.5 points per game. Although they have seen significant growth over the past few seasons, they are still behind league leaders such as San Francisco, Washington, and Green Bay. It is hard to say how much progress they are seeing, but it seems like they are slowly improving and have found a way to keep getting better every week, even with the constant changes that come with changing players and coaches.


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