Why Pakistanis Deny Covid-19?



In this fast-growing world, we have to encounter a virus that is also spreading rapidly and is known as the Novel Corona virus-19.  Countries all around the globe are spending billions of dollars for combating Covid-19 then why do Pakistanis deny it's existence?

Main reason includes the following points:


As Pakistan is still one of the developing countries, it's impossible for the government to provide its people what's necessary for combating Covid-19. Although safety precautions and awareness about the Coronavirus is being advertised throughout the country but are they being followed? Here are the reasons why


The majority of people of Pakistan can't bring food for their children without working hard all day long . Covid-19 has contributed to lock-down in Pakistan which means no work for the labor. Many companies have fired their employees and the condition is miserable. The Police Force of  Pakistan also made people go inside their houses by means of force which made the people angry.


2. Illiteracy : 

All the social media in Pakistan is spreading awareness about covid-19 but people are still illiterate and don't believe in things they don't see. The population of literacy in Pakistan is only 60% and majority of them only know how to spell the names correctly,  so it's very difficult for the government to make people aware of the current situation.



The Islamic Republic of Pakistan constitutes religious people who won't stop public gatherings for prayers as they believe that "Nothing happens without the will of Allah(God). However, they also believe that if there is such a virus or a disease then Islam orders them to take all the safety precautions necessary including praying at home but because it was not commonly spread in Pakistan people denied coven's existence.


A group of people from the same family got tested by one of the laboratories in Pakistan and it showed that they were affected by covid-19. They went to a different laboratory to be tested again and their results were negative. This was just one of the examples of incidents that happened in Pakistan and such incidents made citizens deny covid-19.


Many of the patients died either by vomiting, food poisoning and other diseases but hospitals refuse to give the dead bodies to the families and identified them as coronavirus patients which made people reluctant as they offer special prayers call the Namaz-e-Janaza for the dead by holding a public meeting in with family members, neighbors and friends participate.


The majority of the people of Pakistan live in areas full of pollution and eat unhygienic food. They have been fighting with the diseases since they were born, living under unhygienic conditions, their immune system has been boosted. They are strong to the core and do not use vaccines other medication so their immunity is much stronger. So covid-19 was able to effect a very small number of people.


Whoever dies is the loved one of one human or another. We should save ours and their life by staying at home. May Allah forgive our sins and May the souls of those who have died rest in peace.


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Hadia - Jun 14, 2020, 8:09 PM - Add Reply

Loved it

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