Why Marijuana is needed to made legal

All around the world, Marijuana is being decriminalized or even made legal. But is this really a good idea.  In the last few decades,  Marijuana has been engineered to become much more important.  Marijuana is a strong drug that may cause psychosis. The main active ingredient of Marijuana is THC.  And there is strong evidence that  THC is related to psychosis regardless of other risk factors.

Marijuana also contains a substance called CBD; it seems to counter its effect. It's even being tested as a treatment against psychosis and anxiety.  But because it does not make you high grows has gradually decreased the amount of CVD of Marijuana and in the last few decades while increasing the THC level.  Sample testing shows that THC level has recently ranged from 4 %  in 1990 to nearly  12% in 2014,  shifting the ratio of THC  and CBD  from 1 to 14  in  1990  to about 1 to 8 in 2014.  It's unclear how precise the test has.  Overall recent findings suggest that the more you consume and the stronger it is, the higher your risk of developing psychosis.

 A study from Britain between 1995  to 2005 found that marijuana has a significant effect on the number of schizophrenia cases; a type of psychosis remains stable. The risk of marijuana-induced psychosis remains high for the people who already have a high risk of psychosis to begin with. For them, it's it seems more likely that marijuana speeds up the development of their condition rather than causing it as far as we know right now.
So the reasoning goes a few people have access to marijuana, the lower the risk of marijuana-induced psychosis. Still, you could actually argue that marijuana is legal more people will end up with psychosis.  Prohibition makes a legal drug stronger and important because this way, you can shift more drugs products in a small space and sell it in a greater profit. This is what happened during the prohibitions of alcohol in the US, where hard liquid became the norm, and the same is happening with marijuana now. And the number shows that laws don't deter people from using marijuana. Marijuana is made legal; there will be more options for the consumer and regulators, such as insisting on a high level of CBD.

Marijuana is a Gateway drug. If it makes legalized, there would be a spike in the use of dangerous drugs. A 2015 study has found that 45% of lifelong marijuana users took some other illegal drugs at some point. Legalizing marijuana could enforce this Trends. As more young people try marijuana, they might end up trying harder drugs. But it turns out the real gateway of drugs comes out much earlier, like cigarettes. One study has shown teens who started smoking before 15, where 80% of them are likely to use illegal drugs to those who didn't.

And 2017, studies have found that teenagers between 12 to 17 who smoked were 3 times more likely to be bench drink, 7 times more likely to have use drugs like heroin or cocaine, and 7 times more likely to resort to Marijuana. But if that is the case, how could making more drugs legal stop using hard drugs. At first, it's important to acknowledge that people don't use drugs because they are legal or not. If you want to buy any drugs, you always find someone happy to sell.

The real question is why people develop an unhealthy relationship with drugs at all.   Studies have shown that certain conditions make people especially vulnerable to drugs and addiction, such as a difficult childhood, social status, depression,  early trauma, even a genetic factor.  Addicts take drugs to escape their problems, but drugs don't solve any of their problems and become a new problem.  But we cannot punish people for their unhealthy cooking mechanism; it's doesn't change anything about underlying causes either, so some argue we need to take a completely different road. 

 In 2001 Portugal had the worst drug problems in Europe, so it was desperate enough to try something radical; possession and use of all legal drugs were decriminalized.  You would no longer be interested; instead, the authority launched a major health campaign.  People who are found with a small amount have received support services, treatment, and harm reduction.  Drug use is seen as a chronic disease but not a crime. The result was a stunning number of people who try drugs and keep using them felt from 44 % to  28% by 2012.  The use of hard drugs decreases as well as HIV and hepatitis infections.  Making drugs legal might overall help  Society much more than it harms it.

 While marijuana addiction is more psychological than physical, it is still a real problem.  The demand for treatment of Marijuana addiction has more than doubled in the past decade.  In total, about 10% of the people who try marijuana will become addicted; this is also related to higher THC levels.  2016 studies found that the use of marijuana is related to Physical health problems accept a higher risk of gum disease; some studies show that Marijuana use alters teenagers' brains and decreases their intelligence. Overall, research shows that taking any drugs when the brain is still in a development state is bad for you, but the truth is we don't know how unhealthy marijuana is. 

We know for sure alcohol affects your brain, destroys your liver, and causes Cancer. At the same time, tobacco causes your arteries to destroy your lungs and also causes Cancer.  Nobody suggesting tobacco and alcohol is harmless because they are legal.  And also, nobody nice proposing to prohibit them though they are extremely dangerous.  It is even much harder to buy legal drugs to buy illegal ones.  Official sellers can get fine and can lose their licenses if they sell to the underage kids.  Legality creates incentives here.  So making marijuana legal doesn't mean endorsing it. It rather means taking responsibility for the risk it imposes.

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