Why is the need for preemption vacation increasing in today's time?

1 What exactly is the power of religion?

2 What is the goal of man?

3 Why is the Parthenon Temple trained?

4 Why is the need for preemption vacation increasing in today's time?



1 What exactly is the power of religion?

In order to understand the purpose of life, human being, to understand the purpose of life, one should avoid the deeds and be encouraged for proper work. This purifies the mind. In other words, it is called religion. Religion is a byproduct of human effort, it is such a powerful medium that gives us a sense of reality. Therein lies the power, which turns a negative tendency of man into positivity. Religion makes the adamant noble, the selfless, the harsh the humble, the greedy the benevolent, and the merciless the merciful. All religions lead us to the highest level of realization.

Believes religion as human creativity and cultural impetus. All religions have the same objective human welfare. Buddhism planted civilization in the ancient eastern region. Even in this scientific age, the importance of Buddhism has not diminished, because it has never rejected modern knowledge and science. Western civilization espouses material happiness, while Buddhism and earlier philosophy attach importance to spiritual happiness in harmony with nature.



2 What is the goal of man?


Taking birth and then fulfilling your physical needs is not life at all. The birth of a human being is not praised in the scriptures like this. Gods also yearn to receive human life. The reason for this is the endless possibilities hidden in this life. Knowing yourself in the right form is the success of this life. It is addressed by many names such as Atma Interview, Ishwar Darshan, Mukti, Nirvana, Preferred attainment, etc. Self-promotion is the goal of man, the goal. Religion is the basic means of self-promotion. Life without religion is void.

Righteousness is the regulator of life. Man is superior to all other beings only by having knowledge of religion. All living beings are not only protected by religion but are also familiar. Man is independent in many parts of this matter. Other creatures are subject to nature. Therefore, the human body is the most suitable for dharmasadhana. The thing to note here is that only by being a mere human being, he does not get knowledge of religion, because even today there are people who are neither familiar with religion nor practice religion.

Human beings who follow the religion, in reality, are human beings. And, those who are involved in food, sleep, fear, and sexual intercourse, etc. are animals in the human body. Therefore, it is the main duty to attain theology upon attaining human life. The Lord has given immense power to human beings with the help of infinite grace, from which the height of progress can be reached. Because of this cultivation ability, man is the best creation of the world.



3 Why is the Parthenon Temple trained?

The first tourists to visit the Parthenon Temple dedicated to Athena Devi, who was among the World Heritage Sites wearing a face mask on Monday on the Acropolis Hill of Athens, Greece's capital. Four months ago, the Greece government closed down all buildings of archaeological importance for tourism. Now the Acropolis and many more ancient buildings in the country have been opened to tourists. The government has taken this step as part of the preparations to start the tourism season by the middle of May. With this, all the people of the country will be given a free rapid Kovid-19 test every week.

Like many countries of the world, corona cases are increasing every day in Greece and there is tremendous pressure on health services. The government has decided to use the facilities of private hospitals and the services of private-sector medical personnel to keep public health services on track and in view of the increasing demand for health services. Under this, the Communist Party of Greece Monday announced the inclusion of 200 self-employed doctors in primary health services.



4 Why is the need for preemption vacation increasing in today's time?

The responsibility for the upbringing of a pregnant woman and subsequent (and even after) child is traditionally considered only pregnant woman or at most other female members of the household in India. It is seen that after the wife's conception, the daily work of the father of the child continues as it did before. Studies have found that Indian men spend very little time caring for pregnant women, planning for childbirth, and then caring for it. This work is believed to be done by other female members of the family.

This is the reason that it became a topic of discussion when the comedy show host Kapil Sharma after the cricketer Virat Kohli decided to take a break from work to take care of his wife and children at the time of childbirth. These are some good examples that we should use to explore some orthodox traditions in a new time frame. Let us consider the responsibility of the pregnant wife and the father in the care of the newborn. Medical and scientific evidence abounds, pointing to three things. First, mother and child are the same entity.

They should not be considered separate. It is not possible to have a healthy baby born without a healthy pregnant woman. Second, although conception is a normal physiological process and not a disease), there are some health risks of conception. Therefore, regular health care is required for the good health of both pregnant women and the children to be born. Third, the first 1000 days of the life of the fetus and baby are very important. This includes 9 months of pregnancy i.e. 270 days and two years after birth i.e. 730 days. Throughout this period, the health of the mother, the fetus, and then the physical and mental development of the child are the mainstays.

About 80 percent of the brain of a child develops in these first 1000 days. If the mother and the child were not adequately taken care of during this period, then any additional effort after two years of the child's age, this period can not be replenished. The gradual abolition of the old system of joint families and the growing single families have further increased this challenge. In single families, there are only husbands and wives. Therefore, the father's role in the care of the infant and the wife has become more important. It also has other social aspects. It has been observed that working women have to choose between a job and child care after conception. Women often do not return to work after childbirth.

If the father also supports child care, women will be empowered and the number of women in the working class will change. For this, policy initiatives can also be taken in the government and private sector, such as 'paternity leave' to the father. In the name of this holiday, there should not be only a supply of food, the holiday should be given in sufficient number like abroad. In the country, we have to ensure increased participation of pregnant women and men in newborn care and this is possible.


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