Why is Messi The Greatest Ever !?

Im gonna talk about why Messi deserves the titile of the greatest of all time,first off messes and athletes every athlete should have the traits of respecting the game and his openings and even better term would be sportsmanship and be problem as players face does keep them away from greatness is their tendency to dive Messi never dives because he has the mindset of a winner players will foul him dirty tackle him or try to bring him down by any means but he won't even when they successfully bring him to the ground he doesnt react to I say inputs and doing nothing waiting for the referees decesion.


But he'll find a way to continue the attack by either getting up or passing the ball to a teammate i find this quite fascinating as he can still have the power and energy to continue playing after receiving a ruthless tackle most players would just give up even if they had the possibility to continue players should look up to Messi and try to imitate this aspects of his game no one come close to him in terms of dribbling ,dribbling for him is like breathing for normal people he can get passed 1234 to 5 players with these any player at some point in his career can achieve for once the difficult task of dribbling.Multiple players but Messi does it on a weekly basis the factors behind these incredible dribbling abilities on his acceleration and deceleration coupled with his sudden change of direction and top it off his unparalleled ball control when facing a capable defender.He'll make a run at first then suddenly decelerates waits for an opening and then bursts in full speed leaving the defender behind him in that little moments message speed went from zero to above 30/kmh,he can change the direction of his runs as well tn the most unexpected time and fashion in the tightest places and harder situations.Playmaker who sense passes on the silver plates,he has perfected all of the above thats why he is greatest player in the world.



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