Why India's top-5 "Patna" missiles are special

After the Second World War, all countries have made great progress in the matter of scienc and technology. When it comes to looking at the strength of a country, then in addition to the strong economy of that country, they look at its military force and defense equipment.


Defense equipment has an important place in all these, because they make the military force more powerful. All countries provide a wide range of missiles and other defense equipment to strengthen their military force. Organizations like DRDO( defense reasarch and development organization) and BDL( Bharat dynamic limited) are making significant contribution to strengthen the military force in India.


The development of Patna missiles started in India in 1983 under the IGMDP(integrated guided missile development program) program, which includes

P- Prithvi

A- Akash,

T- Trishul,

N- Naag

A- Agni

they play an important role in India's security.                



These 5 missiles have been called "Patna missiles".


In the matter of defense, India has now made a different identity in the world, in which organizations like DRDO and BDL have played an important role.


hey have given such defense tools to India which are so special in themselves, that even other countries today Demanding these defense materials from India.


Institutionslike DRDO and BDL use indigenous technology in India to manufacture many such unique missiles which are known all over the world.



The major 5 missiles are as follows.



  • This missile made by DRDO and BDL is the first missile made from indigenous technology of India.


  • it is a short-range ballistic missile, three other versions are also available, which are used by Navy, Army and Air Force                  




  • Beingindigenous as well as being able to hit a wide range of targets
  • this missile is a wonderful gift given by BDL and DRDO to the Government of India.
  • It is also used by the Air Force besides the Army.
  • Prithvi and Akash are particularly known for firing enemy missiles into the air.       


  • This missile weighing 103 kg was delivered by BDL and DRDO by India.
  • It was later inducted into the Army and Air Force as well.
  • when it was reintroduced in 2002, its radar capability was reduced.
  • Its successive failures halted its development program in 2008, and it has now been replaced. The Barak missile is launched.         


  • There are four variants of this amazing and uniquene missile developed by DRDO which are used by the Air Force and Army to destroy enemy tanks.
  • This unique missile, which works on the principle of Fire and Forget, destroys it once it has set its target, so it has established its own identity in the whole world.


  • the name is enough for the redemption of the enemy's sweat, for the ranging, the medium-range and the long range range is quite good.
  • it is a family in which agni-1, agni-2, agni- 3,agni-4 and agni-5 are also included and agni-6 is also being developed in the coming years.

But official announcement of agni-6 has not yet been announced. Maybe Agni-6 will be among us soon. Agni-6 has also been named Surya Missile

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