Why don't people understand others feeling?

Dear friends,           

Our society is the noun of our beautiful world, and our society also has some problems. It is getting bigger in this changing environment. So today, I would like to draw your attention to such a social problem, which needs to be taken personally to understand and feel.

Because we cannot understand the condition of another person until we feel ourselves in the condition of the victim, that is to feel ourselves in the same problem; only then will we be able to find out the real cause of the problem, its pain, and diagnosis.

Therefore, while reading the article, you are requested to realize that the victim of this character is yourself, then you will be able to identify this problem in the right way.

That problem is the mood of children hurt by the separation of parents. It is true that when a person in the family is also separated, the chain of relationships breaks, and then nothing remains.

In such a situation, what would be the mood of those children who want to see their parents happy together but cannot do anything to reunite them? Perhaps in such a situation that childhood is a boon of life, the same blessing starts to be felt.

I talk about a girl familiar to me who was abandoned by her father. She did not enter the world then. Rather she was going to come, that is, she was in her mother's womb.

Such problems are there in every country, but the relation of this problem with India becomes special because the people of India give more importance to values ​​and values.

The wThis image shows a mother's hand holding her daughter's hand.omen of India like to worship their husbands like God and worship him throughout his life, preferring to live with him, which is the religion and ritual of an Indian woman. Then no matter how much the husband may suffer.

What happened with an Indian woman and her daughter?


Let me now mention to you an Indian woman and her innocent girl who is facing the same problem, who is one of my good people. The thing is about 35 years old from now when an Indian woman, Gayatri, was abandoned by her husband in pregnancy due to a love affair with another woman.

Being tied in the ties of feelings and good manners, Gayatri told her husband to take a shot with me for just one day and write what I want to write on the suicide note. But in this case, do not leave me to die in the guise of social conflicts. But the one who has luck may not approve, but the husband is adamant about his decision.

Then Gayatri came to her father's house. Where his mother, ten-year-old younger brother, and a mentally challenged sister lived. The remaining three elder sisters were in their in-laws. The father also died when his brother was in his mother's womb.

Gayatri gave birth to a daughter after about five-six months. The pain of PTI infidelity was so much that the happiness of the birth of a daughter had no existence.

Her husband wanted a son; he had hoped that if he had a son, my husband would call me back. | But when the daughter was born, this hope of return also ended.

Then there was another new hope, which seemed that the husband might change his heart. May luck ever improve. May God ever support. And then she should be supported by her husband.

But this hope also broke when Gayatri came to know that her husband got married again. After that, all the youth passed through the court.

And in between these struggles, the child also grew up. I refer to this innocent child's childhood as an emotional incident. That once, when this girl was only a few months, for some reason, she was crying a lot. Since Gayatri had never even seen her daughter due to mental stress, her daughter was raised by Gayatri's mother.

That night when her baby girl was crying a lot. Even after a million attempts of her grandmother, she was not getting silent, then the grandmother suddenly shoved her away from her lap, and her daughter started crying again and again.

Seeing this for the first time, Gayatri's love for her daughter woke up, and she quickly picked her up in her lap and started silencing her, and in her mind, she started shaking her thoughts that "what is this innocent girl lying on the ground today?" If my father left me, my mother also did not adopt me.

As time went on in struggles, the child grew up. But when Gayatri's daughter "Swamini" had a childhood, she began to rest her father's cruelty and mother's pain.

Gradually her mother told her every good and bad incident related to her life. She also told the whole story of love, pain, and separation of husband and wife.

And the mistress started thinking that she never missed me. I did not wish to see my face from birth until today. So I will not see his face till his last time.

But the story of the conflicts was not over yet. When Swamini got married, the situation vomited something like this, now Swamini's husband did not leave Swamini, but Swamini had to leave her husband.

Because her husband married her in the greed that under pressure on her father, she would take possession of his property and started trying to keep the mistress from her job and keep her as a maid.

The mistress had opened her eyes to the earth only because of her father's deception. So she was alert. He had already decided that he should remain self-sufficient. So she decided not to leave the job and leave her husband. He did not change his decision even after the opposition of Nanihal Paksha.

After all these developments, desire started to develop in the mistress. Because of which the life of both mother and daughter was ruined. Why not go in front and shove the soul of your father.

So that they also realize to what extent they have ruined the life of their wife and daughter? And after facing many difficulties reached her father.

Before going to the father, he had prepared a file of his poems. Because he thought, how would he be able to lose his and his mother's mental stress in 35 moments?

Therefore, he gave his and his mother's pain a poem. And the date of the meeting his father was fixed as his birthday.

When she met her father, she asked her father for only five minutes of her life. In which three minutes to introduce yourself and two minutes to introduce your file.

And in that first meeting, he introduced them and gave the file and said that even if you tear it, you will read it once before. And came back after talking a few words.

The next day he got a call from his father and said that "I could not sleep all night, I was being torn from headaches. I know that the villain in your poems is me. I cannot change my destiny, but when age, There is no understanding, and when it is understood, then age passes. "

Therefore, I cannot give you both mother and daughter happiness. But now there is as much life left. I am with you on that. Since then, both father and daughter live in contact. Sometimes he also gets some help from his father. But that too is not enough to cure her mother's wounds.

Now I want to mention those poems recorded in the file, which were intent on shedding the barren land of the father's mind for years.

In his first poem, he introduced himself by marking a rosebud. In which he gave the agony of an abandoned daughter as the plight of Kali. And a withering rosebud was also tagged on that page.

I am publishing his first introduction poem here.

How wonderful identification of an innocent girl as bud?

This image show a beautiful bud which is used to represent by cute daughter to introduce herself in from of her father.

|| Introduction ||

I do not have a withering bud mother,

I'm your childhood

Can I get the feeling of the father, daughter,

I am such a symbolic system.

Wilted bud not maternal  I ...................


I wanted to blossom in your heart.

I wanted to smell like bananas in your courtyard.

Scorched by your cruelty, I am an unconscious ascetic .|

Wilted bud, not maternal I …….


I was also the creator of the Supreme Creator, full of infantry,

White was a cool waterfall falling from the forehead of Giri.

I am a past interpretation of the Shaishvaras who have lost your dullness.

 Mudzhai bud not maternal I ……………………


My colorful wings would open up,

Bright like glow, bumblebee sound, birds like a tweet,

The cuckoo is cinnamon; the sea is a cauldron, the musk smells,

Honey intoxicating, butterfly finesse, Ganges clearness

My colorful wings in life ||

I am that message system with your disinterestedness.

Wilted bud, not maternal I…………………


If I write all his poems, the article will become very long. So, in the end, I will publish the questions that were asked by my father.

According to the Mahabharata story in India, the questions that are impossible to answer were called Yaksha questions. The questions were asked by a ghost in the Mahabharata story. Therefore, he also titled his questions "Yaksha Questions." They were:

What was the unanswered question? 

  This image show a ghost of a girl whose questions are unanswerable. 

             -: Yaksha Question: -

1. Why were we punished?

2. Tell me, what is our crime?

3. Mother had accepted you, was it a crime?

4. Why did the mother just leave the children? Why didn't you give poison?

5. Our tears are destined for us; why don't you tremble your spirit by becoming the source of your tears?

4. Why did your soul never mention you to us?

4. My own is in the world but do not say how to accept me?

4. Mother is happy and live life like widows, tell me how to bear?

4. Mother Sita's ordeal was the reason why this mother's ordeal was needless?

10. Mother Sita's ordeal ended in the fire. Why this mother's test is endless?

11. In these questions, will anyone be able to count the tears shed in the agony of those who are hidden?

12. If the abandoners are not able to give their loving blessings, then they must discharge some of their responsibilities by answering these Yaksha questions to the abandoned.

                                           Winking questions

                                       Yaksha questions of abandoned innocents

Friends, will we ever be able to live on those principles, so that no one can suffer due to us. Do not waste anyone's life because of us.

Some people help others, as well. And some people leave their loved ones as well. Is there an end to this imbalance?

I am leaving this question for you. Tell me if you get the answer.

                       || Have a nice life ||


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