Why don't people around us love selflessly?

Why don't people around us love selflessly?

         Sometimes it seems that people do not understand the meaning of selflessness. Engaging oneself, hurting another's mind for one's own selfishness..that is what people are doing now.

         Selflessness means helping someone without hurting anyone or hurting anyone. But does man really behave like that ..? For work, to be nice to someone, to be sweet and when the work is done, who are you and who am I ..?

Why doesn't anyone tell the person in front of them something like that ..?, Because selfishness .. if anger comes ..? Then if I don't do this job again, if it stays ..

Why? , Why ...? Just for selfishness ..!

For the sake of this self-interest, an incomprehensible thing is often persuaded. I mean, something is done in the hope of finding something that is not pleasing to the mind.

           What's more, some people behave selfishly in love .. What and how to get it from the other side and how far it will get is only seen .., was love like that ..? Why can't you just love a person without any expectations?

          When someone is loved wholeheartedly, there is no selfishness, no expectation .. There is only pure love .. In fact, affection is the combined essence of affection, care, selfless feeling.

And it’s not strange, ‘there should be no expectations in a relationship; But there are limits to that expectation too ..! ’, How can it be selfless love to hurt the other person and do something for yourself ..? At least in love there should be no selfishness ..!

‘Love should have only feelings, love should have a commitment to keep each other together forever ..’

           In short, if we learn to love unselfishly like a mother, no one in life will hate love.

          Everyone has the expectation that he or she who is in love should stay with him / her forever, support him / her for the rest of his / her life. But there are also those who just want to take advantage of you. And this affects the one who loves from the heart .. because his expectation is only a little bit of love and faith .. then someone behaves like that, that person will eventually lose faith in love.

           This selfishness leads to one; We hurt the mind of the person in front of us, when all our work is done, we gradually ignore it .. but what about the problem that happens to the person in front of us ..? When that person's faith is broken, everyone has to think about how much the person is suffering.

           In the end, trust is important in friendship, love or business. Because when we want to do something selflessly, faith comes first, then the expectations of others come .. And so when we do something without expectation, we literally cherish every relationship unselfishly.

          That, is it really right for me to do this with this person ..?, Can this person take care of himself later ..? That's when the person starts asking such questions. That is why trust is always given importance in every relationship. And only eternal selfless love is expected.

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