Why Do We Have Two Eyes For Vision And Not Just ONE

There are many advantages to having two eyes instead of one. Some of these are given below.

1:- Having Two Eyes Gives a Wider Field of View. 

A human being has a horizontal field of ViewView of about 150 degrees with one eye open, but with two eyes open, the area of ViewView becomes 180 degrees. Thus, having two eyes gives a broader field of ViewView. With two eyes open, we can see a much larger area in front of us ( that can be recognized with only one eye).

Human beings have two eyes at the front of their head, so their field of ViewView is limited to about 180 degrees. Some animals, however, have their two eyes located on the opposite side of their head. Those animals with two orbs on the opposite sides of their head have the broadest possible field of ViewView. They can see a much larger area around them than the human being can understand. The animals of prey ( like rabbit, deer, chicken, fish, etc.) Have their two eyes on the opposite sides of their heads so that they can see their enemies ( Predators) in a vast area around them and try to escape from them. A domestic animal having its two eyes on the opposite sides of the head is a horse.

2. Having Two Eyes Enables Us to Judge Distance More Accurately:- 

Our two eyes are a few Centimetres apart from each other. Due to this, the two eyes see the same object from two slightly different angles and send two slightly different images of the same purpose to the brain. The brain combined these two somewhat different images by building a three-dimensional picture of the object, which enables us to judge the object's distance more accurately.

This will become clear from the following example. Let us take two sharpened Pencils, one in each hand. Stretch the arms forward and try touching the tips of pencils first with one eye open and then open with both eyes. We will find that it is not easy to move the tips of two pencils with one eye open, but it is much easier when both the eyes are open. This is because, with both the eyes open, we can judge the distance of the pencil tips more accurately. Human beings ( and all other animals having their eyes at the front of their head) are said to have a stereoscopic vision ( or stereopsis), which gives the perception of depth. All the Predators ( like tiger, lion, etc.) Have their eyes at the front of the head so that they can accurately judge the distance of their prey and catch them easily.

The Gift of Vision:-

There are millions of blind people in our country who cannot see at all. Most of these blind people's eyesight can be restored if they are given the eyes donated by other persons after their death. In this way, our eyes can live even after our death. Our two eyes can give eyesight to two blind persons ( each getting one eye ), and make them see this beautiful world.

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